Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 8 - Bad Week

I have started vomited on 17th of March. Vomitted after breakfast and while driving to office and back. Had it very badly on the 18th while stucked in the traffic jam. Luckily I brought extra plastic bags with me. It was not easy for me to maneuver the car, at the same time ensuring I did not knocked on the car in front of me by opening my eyes while having the spasm. Maybe government should have a ban on pregnant women in their first trimester from driving and give people like us 1-month paid leave? Muahaha..

Had a very bad weekend, very weak and unable to eat properly. By 24th however I felt so much more stronger eventhough the nausea and the occasional ‘almost’ incident happened. Yesterday vomitted twice on the way driving back.

My eating routine for Week 7-8,

Breakfast : Milo+cracker/dry toast (milk is banned from my sight)
Lunch : a bit of White rice, green vege, egg/fish
Night : Clear pork soup with white rice or chicken rice
In between meal : Dry crackers (to reduce nausea, my MIL tips)
Drinks : Ice water, apple juice with slice of lemon or MILO

Colors play a role in my food selection, anything red like curry or chilies, or milky white is unacceptable. All food portion reduced to half of what I normally consumed.

Physically, I think I lost 1-2kg due to my changing diet. I noticed most probably I vomitted whenever it's almost meal time and my stomach was empty. That means I have to watch my mealtime and not go hungry at any time.


  1. Hi there. Hope all is going well. I can't imagine going through all the things a pregnant woman does. I'm sure hubby's on his toes all the time.

  2. Yup, he sure is. Kesian dia. maklumla first time parents-to-be. lamak menghilang bro..