Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7-Week Journey

Let me recall back my journey on this pregnancy so far:

Week 1 - My last first day period was on 26th January 2010. I was hoping that my home pregnancy test that I took would turned out positive, but I realized I got my period just when I was about to test. Felt very frustrated.

Week 2- Awaiting for another fertile days cycle on the weekend using self-check ovulation indicator.

Week 3 - On 12 Feb, I started to feel different. I was feeling I had 'something inside me', but I need to wait another 12-14 days to test. Before going back home, was shopping in Jusco when I tripped and twisted myself badly on an unforeseen obstacle in the market area. After that incident, my instinct told me clearly that I was not my usual self, and I must be very careful.

16 Feb~ I had trouble sleeping. Partially I think caused by the heat, but I was very restless. I had cramped on my back, and bad flatulance. There seems to be a big wave going on inside. Had wanted to tell Momo of my suspicion, but I didn't want to jump the gun too soon until I do the test.

18 Feb~ On the way back from JB. Feeling weird and very tired. Didn't feel like walking around at all. Reached home and tried do the test but still show negative, maybe still too early cos hormon build up still low. Went for dinner at A&W, and had my first bout of empty-vomit right after. Momo already got excited instead of being concerned, and kept telling me I was pregnant. Still, I kept my skeptism cos I don't want to be dissappointed again.

19 Feb ~ Had breakfast, and vomit air again. Still too ealy to test. Lying down the whole day. Thought maybe it's the heat, again.

20 Feb ~ Went to Ayam Penyet @ USJ9 for dinner. Vomit air again afterwards. Momo just smiled. Started to have cough, flu and mild fever.

21 Feb ~ Feeling too sick to go out. Been lying down the whole day and letting the wave inside me flowing. By 6pm, I decided to go ahead with the test. It took 1 nerve-wrecking minute wait, but the second line appeared albeit very slowly and very-very faint. :) Showed Momo the test, this time he was the one being skeptical, and we agreed to re-do first thing in the morning.

22 Feb ~ Had trouble sleeping. Kept waking up to go to the loo, and felt so thirsty. Was worried by the time in the morning, my urine would be too diluted to show the hCG build up. At 7.30am, took the test. Initially, was very dissappointed cos 1 complete minute did not show anything at all, not even a faint one. Suddenly when I was about to toss it, it appeared clearly without any warning :) Went to clinic to confirm, but since both home test showed positive, the doc decided not necessary to do any test. Asked to come again in 3 weeks time. Given folic acid and Vitamin B complex.

Week 4 - All my pants start to feel tight. Still with flu and mild fever but not dare eating any medicine.

Week 5 - Fever and flu gone. By the end of the week, started to develop constant nausea, and have trouble concentrating. Had my site accident on 3 Mar, and given a tetanus injection, which I found out was actually good for expecting mother. Boobs size increased too :)

Week 6 - Nausea getting worse. Feeling lots of stress, especially regarding works. Having trouble eating, became extremely choosy. At night, woke up at least twice with extreme thirst. Could feel lots of activity in my stomach area.

14 March - Suddenly felt nothing. All the waves and the occasional mild cramps gone. Felt like not pregnant at all except when looking at my expanding boobs. Went a bit worried especially thinking about a friend who got an ectopic pregnancy and by the time they found out, the baby was 7 weeks old and had to be aborted.

Week 7
16 March ~ Went for my first ultrasound scan. Doc said may not be able to see the baby yet, only the sac. Once scanned, doc showed white small spec which was the baby. Measured my womb, and determine location and date correct. Told doc about my concern that the symptoms gone, but doc said it's normal, it might come and go. Asked to come again on Week 12 to do card. Forgotten to ask doc to look for baby's heartbeat.

17 March ~ All my working pants not wearable anymore, can only wear either dresses or low-waist jeans. Google up on "does pregnancy symptoms gone when miscarriage". Felt very surprised that lots of miscarriages happen during Week 7-8.

Touch wood, but I hope I'm just worry for nothing. Pls God, watch over us............


  1. Wah ... that was quite a story of your seven weeks being pregnant. Dont u worry too much. I am sure everything will be fine.

  2. i really hope so. couldn't help not being worried.