Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marion @ 1 year 1 month

So far I have not tracked Marion's progress on paper, and when I looked back, somehow I have forgotten even her major milestones.. I regretted not doing it. The milestone that I put in facebook was not detail enough as I only update once a month cos I feel lazy to choose a suitable photo and upload it to keep up with her progress. Maybe not an interesting thing for other reader to read, but this is merely for my own tracking..

These are Marion's progress as of today at 1 year 1mth.

Physical Development:
1. Have 2 lower teeth, 4 upper teeth.
2. Already started to run.
3. Weight 8.25kg...
4. Is going through Roseola (a type of chicken pox) since the past 2 days. Tomorrow should be cleared already.

Social development:
1. Can pronounce (and recoqnize) : Daddey (daddy), Dodo (a BabyTv channel character), nenen (milk), mam (eat), star, red, bluh (blue), yes
2. Smiled/excited when hearing the word: Circle, triangle, square
3. Loves : Babytv channel (esp Oliver the Monkey), the cuddlies esp Dodo, Hi Five ntv7, nursery rhymes, her Baby Bright CDs
4. Favourite nursery ryhmes : Twinkle Little Star, If You Happy, BINGO
5. Can dance following the music tune
6. Can sing "dah, dah... da, da,dah" (to B.I.N.GO tune)
7. Can wave and say "bye-bye" since 10mth old,
8. Dislike sad songs by "crying without any reason"
9. Start sharing her food with us
10. Sudah pandai main kejar2 with my babysitter's grandson (last time main kejar2 pakai walker)

We have just started to let her feed herself using her finger, but she can drink from a trainee cup since 10mth old. I've also started to get her to drink from a straw and subsequently using a bottle with straw, but that has not been an easy thing to do though. Will try harder.