Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pump It Up Babe!

Yeayyyy again! Littlewhiz.com did not dissappoint me at all. I had placed the order online before I left for lunch yesterday afternoon, and the package arrived at about 4pm today! Super efficient delivery service.

One happy mummy-to-be :D

Let see what we got here *wink*

I bought myself 1 set of Spectra 3 breast pump kit, and it comes with a free gift containing 8 nos 150ml Autumz brand of breastmilk storage bottles. Spectra 3 is within cheaper range of breast pump available in the market. Since I cannot afford those higher range breast pump brand eg Philips Avent, Medela, Dr Brown etc, I have to make do with Spectra 3 as the review I read from others were not that bad. Anyway since I cannot test it yet, I have to rely on those reviews. I'll make my own reviews someday.

The retail price for this breast pump set is RM388, but Littlewhiz offered the cheapest price compare to other online shop so far, which was RM328, plus the free gift above! I went to a baby and mothercare shop nearby my office, and they still could not beat that price :D

At the same time, I ordered these 2 x 160ml anti-colic, BPA-free feeding bottles of MAM brand. One green, one purple in color, a neutral gender color selection *wink* Each with retail price of RM33.50, but Littlewhiz offering sales price of RM30.15 each, which is the cheapest around. Talking about the price, I never realized how costly a feeding bottle can be *sigh*

I chose MAM bottle instead of other brand because most reviews mentioned that their baby have less nipple confusion problem, they normally facing less issue during transition from mom to MAM (its also mentioned on the package :p)

Since my purchase is more than RM200, the shipping fee is free! Phew.. just goyang kaki la shopping nowadays. I don't have to sheepishly explaining to any sales girl that I am window shopping & comparing prices, and feeling guilty leaving the shop empty handed.

I have 2 more days left to my last day, and this is how I spent my working hours lately, doing online shopping hahahaha seronoknya..

Next in my list is a thermal bag for the feeding bottles, and I had also decided to try buying some cloth diapers. I know that the breast pump set and this cloth diapers required high capital cost, but certainly it can reduce our overall running cost. Momo gasped when he heard how much I need to spend for all these, but explaining about the ROI, I managed to let him see my reasoning.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 34-4 days to go for My Last Day

I am into my 34th week now, another 2 days into my 35th week.

Looking back into my pregnancy journey, it's unbelieveable that I have achieved this stage where at one time I thought I could not make it. Now my journey into my first pregnancy has almost come to an end, 5 more weeks to go yihiii!! Baby kicking and squirming is getting more pronounced, i can feel tiny fingers and hand at my lower abdomen scrapping around. once in a while i can feel the bum-bum. when the baby stretched too much, i got a little bit uncomfortable, almost puke sometimes. had to rub the part to encourage the baby to be in original position. My movement getting slower, of course since I am lugging additional 20+kg around with me.

So far I can still sleep soundly. The only challenge is to find a comfortable position. Once I found it, I could breath easier, my back relaxed and went straight into lala land. When i wake up in the morning, the joint on my fingers became stiff and hurts like hell. I have to massage it so I could grab and remove the pillows which I arranged surrounding me the night before.

Looking at my growing belly, it never failed to amaze me that a human skin can stretch to that extend. I was browsing thru some of my photo 'masa bujang dulu2', including my pre-wedding photos, oh how i miss that moment, now I could appreaciate how slim I was eventhough at the particular time the photo was taken, I never like what I saw.

4 more working days to go, and that would also means I will not have any more laptop to use. Have to depend on Momo's laptop at night to be online from then onwards. My last prenatal check-up with Dr Delaila at SDMC will be this coming Friday. Momo's family is making their 1 week trip to KL for the last time this year, arriving Friday night.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Baby Toys

Feel so happy my brand new toy is here. Bought it from an online store selling babycare stuff at LittleWhiz.com, and it took only 2 days to reach me.

It's Little Bean Bottle Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack!

Isn't it cute? Even Momo got so excited only by looking at the packaging :D

I was hesitating at first to buy anything to do with feeding bottles as I wanted to encourage, or more like forcing myself to breastfeed and not be tempted to give baby formula milk since I have the bottles. I can imagine how easy it is to give in to temptation. But I have made further research regarding breastfeeding, and it turned out that I can still give my baby the nutricious breast milk eventhough I am not around by keeping storage hehe.. This would be especially useful when I start to go back to work later on. yea.. feel so jakun, only by being a mother-to-be one can start to be aware with this kind of thing hehe..

I have bought this brand since it stated that it can fit most wide neck bottles and it was the cheapest combo pack available. Checked on other people review (after I bought it) on the same product seems to be quite encouraging too pheww.

My next hunt would be good feeding bottles and breast pump. Cost of course is a concern to me, and I hope I can manage to make good decision based on reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness for my purchase.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 33 - Growth Spurt

Had my 33th week check-up last Friday, and we were in for a big surprise! 2 weeks ago, our stats were the following;

3rd Sept 2010:
Mummy : 77.4kg
Baby : 1.8kg

the latest;

17th Sept 2010:
Mummy : 80.6kg (total increase of 3.2kg)
Baby : 2.7kg! (increase of 0.9kg)

and I still have about 6 weeks to go! My goodness.. Not just the nurse, even the doctor mistakenly thought I was about 36 weeks along by looking at my tummy before them looking at my actual record. Now I am a bit scared of how big the baby will be by the time Im about to deliver. I have rooted for normal delivery from the very beginning since I want to witness my child's entrance into this world myself. But as long as me and baby is healthy and safe at the end of the day, I will prepared myself for a plan B if necessary.

After my check-up, since I took one day leave that day, me and Momo made our way to Genting Highland for 1 night stay for my last vacation before my delivery, and certainly the last vacation between the two of us alone. Well, to think of it, we were never twosome anyway, the baby is with us :-)

I do not really want to show my pregnant photo actually because I look so ugly and fattt but bwahahaha what the heck! Here you go!

And this is the only photo that shown my tummy the smallest, and I won't show the rest :p

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 32 - Getting Heavier Everyday

Sorry friends i was away from my blog for quite sometimes. blogger.com has been banned from my office line, eventhough i can still read blogs. whenever i'm home, im just too tired to switch on my laptop. Not that I'm overload with works, rather I am quite free. Now my pregnancy has reached Week 32, plus minus another 8 weeks to meet our new family member, and my weight was 77.4kg last week, an addition of 3.4kg in 2 weeks time eeekksss!! The baby is already 1.8kg, and doc confirmed that our weights are just nice. Many people had already noticed the swelling on my feets, and my soles feels as if having a thick padding. Going around especially shopping is quite a challenge now cos I get tired very easily.

We are almost done with baby stuff's shopping. I'm holding my decision to buy feeding bottles, as I planned to breastfeed exclusively for the first few months. I hope that everyone will support and understand my decision without doubt as it is very important for me.

Now I have to start thinking about my confinement stuffs. Baby stuffs may be quite an easy stuffs to handle, but I have almost zero knowledge on confinement. My mother was even furious when I asked so many questions that she could not answer, including "if I cannot touch cold water, then how am I going to brush my teeth? shud i use hot water?" haha..

Tomorrow is Hari Raya. I had planned to bake Layer cake for my neighbor once I got back from work today, but castor sugar was none to found from 4 shops that I went to, including Jusco hypermarket! shessh! Maybe everyone is making layer cake kot? I finally found it on the 5th shop I went to, but when I reached home and start to open the cookbook, I realised I had missed one crucial ingredient one way or another from different recipes. Maybe it's not my neighbor's fate to get any..

Oh ya, my parents were around for a week during Indepence Day holiday. We went to Malacca and stayed for one night in town, and another 1 night in Tanjung Kling. Happy to be able to bring my parents to see A Famosa, but our trips were not that fulfilling since I felt quite unenergetic most of the time. I hope I can blog about it soon.