Friday, October 28, 2011


It maybe a bit too early to say this, but I really glad that I made the decision to take up the job that I am currently into. It has been two weeks now since I joined. The first day was a full-day orientation program, and the rest of the week I was sent for a software training. Last Monday was the first time I saw my workstation, and shortly after warming up my seat, I was called and immediately being briefed by the technical director. And after that, nobody really bothered me so far, I was being left alone to go through their system in the server, which actually had help me a lot in figuring out the overall picture of the department I am currently in.

After going through all the correspondence, what I found out was that the department I was in right now was just initiated in 2009, and the system that we do is a pilot test project not just in the company, but also in Malaysia. My particular field was just being started by mid of this year though, and I am very honoured to be chosen to fill up the gap in the department as it is becoming one of the 'elite' arms among the group of companies. The top management are visionaries and are very supportive of us in terms of investing in the training, hardwares, softwares, marketing strategies etc as we will going to change how construction will be done in Malaysia in the future.

This Monday we will move from Level 9 to Level 1, to our very own brand new office solely for our department. On Friday, I will be going for a managers conference with a very well known key speaker, which was organized by our Group. I will be rushing out to go back immediately after that to catch flight to Kuching as we gonna be celebrating Marion's pre- 1st birthday together with families, relatives and friends.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please Don't Touch My Baby

Dear readers (yes the two of you..) what do you think about letting strangers playing with your baby while you were outdoor?

I personally dislike it when some strangers come up and pulled my daughter's hand and touched her cheek without even asking for permission... I am not being stuck up whatsoever, but you can't imagine what that person has touched before they touched your baby. I don't mind they playing with her or be near her, as long as there is no physical contact. So far most of the rude strangers I encountered are the middle eastern tourist, somehow my daughter has attracted their attention everywhere we go. They will just come up, raving and cooing at her, touched her hands and hair with total disregard of whether we like it or not.

I am still not sure how to prevent strangers from touching her while at the same time being tactful about it. If you have any suggestion on how to do this subtlely, let me know.