Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Site Accident

I just told my bos yesterday regarding my pregnancy, so that I don't have to be assigned to work at site or go outstation during my first tri-mester. He understand my situation but assigned me to replace him for today visit since he would not be available, and supposedly it was only for a discussion.

Barely 24 hours later, while walking at the client's production area, out of nowhere a low protruding rusty angle hit my head (or rather, the other way round). Initially I felt only pain, and I was standing there with my palm on my head for a good minute waiting for the pain to pass. My colleague and our client were there, waiting with me and trying to see whether there's any blood. The moment I let my hand go and look at it, I was so shocked to see my whole palm was wet with deep red blood. Not just that, my hair started to get wet and streams of blood trickling down my forehead and cheek. Everybody was panic, including me who started to cry more out of shock rather than the pain itself.

Cleaned up there and everybody was trying to stop the bleeding. We left the place and went to clinic nearby. By that time, the blood has somehow slowed down. The doc cleaned me up again with antiseptic solution and jabbed me with anti-tetanus injection, and luckily the wound was small enough I don't need any stitching.

Driving home from the office after picking up my laptop was quite a feat. I couldn't wait to reach home and lie down. The throbbing and pounding dull pain still there up to the time Im writing this post, cos I'm trying to avoid taking the painkiller provided.

Hmm.. Really feel like sueing somebody.


  1. aduh kesian take care ok.

  2. he.. masih sakit sikit2, other than that dah ok.

  3. mesti masih pening2 lalat tok. be careful ooo benda2 berkarat tok.

  4. better you don't involved in heavy duty and try to negotiable with others staffs to handle the out site task...take you first "amethyst"...fushh!!...i think Babai can support...hahahaha