Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Babywearing-Baby Ring Sling

As a new parents, me and Momo were very inexperienced in terms of how to be mobile with a baby in tow. We did not know in the beginning what was the best method, their pros and the cons. So what we did was watching how other parents do it and do a trial-and-error. We have 2 sets of stroller (1 in Kuching, 1 in KL), 1 baby carrier (for Momo), 1 baby car seat cum carrier, 1 cheap sling and 1 sling ring! After trial and error for 3 months and literally bleeds money, we finally settled on the method that suited us three the most, which is Baby Ring Sling.

Our first try-Marion at 2.5mths

I am quite familiar with the using of baby sling, since as long as I can remember. When I was little and already know how to play-acting, we couldn't afford to buy any dolls to play with, so we formed a doll by rolling up a towel and pretend to take care of a baby and carried it with a sling made of kain batik, as how the orang kampung normally do it. That is how I had practiced, so when I use this sling, it came naturally to me.

Before settling on this method, we have tried going around with the stroller, but it was kinda heavy (to me), troublesome to unload from the car, difficult to maneuver, taking up space especially at the aisle, and we have to find lifts instead of using the escalator for safety reason. End up, most of the time one of us held Marion and the other push the empty stroller duh.. Using the shoulder strap baby carrier was also troublesome, as I will explain in detail in another post on "How To Choose Baby Transport" next.

One day when we were in SDMC, we saw a Chinese mother pushing her daughter in a buggy, and have a younger son in a baby sling, and I immediately pointed it out to Momo. I had been wanting to get one for myself but I know it is not cheap and Momo is doubtful to spend for yet another stuff that we are not really satisfied with. Just a week before, I had tried make a home-made sling as how I use to do it with kain sarong, and Marion fall asleep in it within few minutes, so I was sure she would be able to accept it too.


When Momo saw how convenient and easy it was for the mother as she was not with her husband or a maid to help her, he gave me the green light to go ahead and buy it.


So this is the baby sling that I bought. Mine is Mamapatch Baby Sling Ring-Auburn Rose Petal with linen. Honestly, this is so far the most expensive local brand in the market. I was in a hurry to buy it at that time, and I still feel a bit sorry that I didn't wait and look out for a better option. Luckily you can avoid the same mistake by learning from me :(

I did not understand the terms babywearing at first, but when I saw this photo taken by Momo, then I realized how the terms babywearing came up...

My best and priceless accessory, my baby!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does He Worth My Cent?

Oh yeah .. Definitely.

Before I got lazy, I better update my blog with 'post-mortem' of my first Michael Bublé’s concert. I am a big fan of Michael Bublé. My wedding song theme was his rendition of ‘Quando Quando Quando’, just to let you know how much I adore him :D

After dropping Marion at her Inik’s (Momo’s aunty) in Bukit Jalil at 7.45pm yesterday, we drove as fast as we could to catch Michael Bublé entrance at 8.30pm, but we were stuck at the Melawati Stadium parking lot due to the jam at the parking and miss half an hour of his performance.

The first thought came to me when we were ushered to our seat and immediately saw him on the big LCD screen at the left side of the stage was,

“Oh. Wow. He looks chubby…”

Watching him singing life is just like listening to him in records, no flaw at all, including the 13pcs musical instruments that accompanying him. It was really a world-class performance and it worth my every single cent. He is not just a really good singer, but excellent performer and entertainer as well. The audience laugh, sang and dance with him. Eventhough review saying that most of his fans are women, but last night I heard more men’s voices singing along with him, especially when songs like Save The Last Dance for Me, Me & Mrs Jones including Everything came up.

I was wondering whether he would belt out my favorite which is Quando3x, but I was a bit disappointed it did not come out. Of course, he would have to sing with someone, a local would be easier bet such as Sheila Majid or Ning Baizura. Oh that would be nice.

Those funny moments were when he tricked the audience believing that one of his musician was a Malaysian, and his impersonation of Michael Jackson with his famous moon-walk, only that he cheated by walking backward through a slippery and slanting stage. That was hilarious, coming from him.

There were lots of memorable moments last night, and those worth to mention is when he sang “Home”, he left the front stage and went near the back console to be nearer to the audience who were seated higher up. The stadium was totally black-out and the spotlight shone only to him who were literally centre-staged, and it was a heartwarming moment to watch him sang in such a beautiful voice.

Nearing the end when he sang Me and Mrs Jones, I managed to look around and saw many couples of all ages lovingly hold or hug their partners, sang or swayed to the music. It was definitely a sight to behold… there were so much love around.. that was how powerful his music can be. It can evoke emotions in human.

His final song, I don’t know what it was, but as a closure he sang it MINUS the microphone and the music. The stadium was totally quiet and you could hear a pin drop. He was singing at the top of his lung, and yet despite the huge stadium, we could still hear him loud and clear. The audience cheered and gave him a standing ovation for his powerful vocal, and that sealed my belief that he is actually one of the centuries’ legend in music world.

It was a memorable and great performance overall, we went home happy but wanting more, and crooning his songs on our way home. Although the tickets are definitely not cheap (ranging from RM250-RM1098), the organizer was targeting the right kind of audience and it was a sold-out anyway. The location chosen was great, the sound system were flawless, the event was very organized, and the audience, despite being modest and orderly, were very ‘sporting’ and wonderful.

Oh. The show last night was a blue-themed. Me and Momo, including Marion eventhough she did not came with us, were being such a sport and wore blue too :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

Parenting's Bible

Being a new parent, do you ever wish that there is a book that can tell you everything about babies and parenting and answer your doubts and question without waking up your own parents in the middle of the night, or calling the emergency room?

Well, this book almost give you all that. The reason why this book is more special than any other book available is that, it's written by Asian and it is specifically written for Asian parents.

I received this book as a gift from my mother-in-law when I was warded at SDMC during my morning sickness period. It stayed unwrap for the next 3 months. I only opened the plastic packaging when I was 3 days away from my trip back home to deliver, and boy I was hooked!

I really recommend this book to anyone especially new parents as it answered almost 90% of my questions and doubts, that my own parents couldn't. It deals with lots of asian parenting practices and converge it with the opinions of pediatrician and healthcare practices. It was written in a very straightforward manner, points by points facts and easy to understand. This book also has helped me to educate people around me too with old parenting myth e.g. baby crying during cleaning of their umbilical cord with alcohol not because it sting or painful, but because alcohol is a bit cold when it touched their skin.

This book also deals with parenting issue for newborn baby up to 12mth old toddler, so by reading this book, you will know what to expect when they grow up. I always put this book within my view so I can grab and read it whenever it's convenient or when I need a fast reference. It is faster than switching on your laptop and googling for information.

The price is RM39.90 only and available at major bookstore and online shops. This book is also can be a great gift for new parents to be!

The backcover description can be found here.

Extra note : This is a free personal review.