Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Ours!

Remember my post regarding our Bumiputera status was questioned when we bought this house?

Well, after all the heartache, bruised prides and 3 appeals later, now the house is ours wohoho!!!

Thanks to our seller for the extra effort they have taken. Praise the Lord for listening to our prayers, especially Momo's.

Wow.. what a good year.. this baby really bring luck to us :D


  1. Ole! That is GREAT news! :-)


  2. Waaaa....good for you. Your baby surely is a blessing..

  3. What! They questioned you about your BUmi status? How come? You just print out your myKad info lah. Unless u ada Chinese name and Bumiputra. I went to JPN to get surat sokongan.

    Anyway, good to know that the ordeal is over.

    Plus ... happy birthday girl!