Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 27 - If Only

Thank God it's Friday. Nowadays I felt so exhausted without any apparent reason. My workload in the office is almost next to none, and I made sure to try going back on the dot, or compensate for being late in the morning with the same amount of time after office hours. My last day has been fixed on 30th September, the reason was I was just promoted to management level last April, and together with it I am tied with a 3-months notice period. Since I need to go back to Kuching to start my maternity leave earlier, the management has agreed to cut short my notice period and at the same time pay my 2-months maternity allowance. I did not expect that, but I am still grateful that they did consider to pay me, cause based on experience they know I may fight for it. The only thing was that I loose half of the bonus I am supposed to get for last year. I felt unhappy for that because it was my effort for last year and I deserve it since it's only the balance of what I got last February. But I have told myself that it is ok, money is not everything in the world.

I had my monthly materniy check-up on 23rd July, and from 68.9 kg on 25th June, I have increased to 71.6kg. 2.7kg in a month, not bad since the range doctor advised me should be from 2-4kg per month. After the surprise hike in June (from 61.8kg in May), I have managed to control my food intake. Well, nobody could blamed me for that balloning since I have lost 7kg during my first trimester due to the extreme morning sickness. So far my health has been quite normal, only that since the past 2 weeks, I feel slightly headache before lunch hour. In the evening by 6pm, I had to eat things like bread, kuih, cakes etc while waiting for dinner, otherwise I will feel lethargic. Must be from the low blood pressure. I am being supplied with iron and anaemic tablet from doctor, but sometimes I hate it since it can caused bleeding in my nose. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

It seems so far until the date of my last day, if only they would change their mind and let me go by end of this month instead. I don't see any point sitting around doing nothing. Not that I want to be given anything to do anyway, but might as well just let me go and rest. They did not pay my bonus for my slaving last year anyway, so why should I work as hard anymore now, right?