Monday, June 18, 2012

Divorced at 32

My heart cried when I received the sms. I got the news from my friend herself that she just got divorced with her husband of 10 years. She became a single parent to 4 kids at the age of 32.

I have never liked the husband, somehow I just don't agree with them being together from the very beginning. I was there when they first laid eyes on each other. And she knows how I felt without me ever saying it. But I know what I think and feel does not mean and have anything to do with them, I know this very well.

I am so glad that she shared with me her happiest time, and came to me during her hardest time. I felt honored that she thinks of me and knows that I will be there for her after all these years.

I never wished what happened to her to happen to anyone, especially myself. Nevertheless, it just made me stop and think, and to make things in my life right what has always been wrong.