Monday, March 1, 2010

Portable Induction Cooker

Call me so-yesterday, but I'm so grateful to have this item. It was a portable induction cooker given by Babai's colleague as a post-wedding gift 2 weeks ago. And it proved to be very handy for me.

Last Saturday Babai Momo was cooking me breakfast (yes, he does now :D) when half-way cooking the stove ran out of gas. We don't have any phone number of the grocery stores with us, and to change and go to the shop and get them to send it to us was too much trouble. Momo finished up his breakfast using my baking oven.

After breakfast, I was arranging our stuffs in the store when I kept on looking at the unopened box of the induction cooker. I had wished that I have found a wok or a pot which is suitable for it when we went shopping the day before.

Since at night JenJen and hubby going to organize a makan-makan, we had planned to bring keropok. Chris suggested to me to bring it over to her house and fry it there before we made a move to JenJen's place. I said ok and planned to go there after midday.

Not sure why, just after my mid-afternoon shower, I instinctively went to the store again and took out the cooker box, just to admire it hehe. Suddenly I noticed it was written at the back of the box that a stainless steel pot was included! Cheh!

Buang karan betul..

Naa. See I used it to fry the keropok. Sure I am not use to it yet especially with my style of cooking. The plus sides are, it was very easy to use, it has function selection for 4 types of cooking e.g soup, stew, stir fry and steambot, or you can adjust the temperature manually. You will also not experience the blackening at the bottom of your cookery because of the gas combustion. It's portable and convinient of course, you just need an electrical outlet to use it anywhere. It's easy to clean too.

The downside is the power consumption. The highest wattage is for stir-frying which consume 2,000W. Definitely not suitable for heavy cooking. Cookery also must be suitable for induction cooker type. And if it's blackout, logically this will be useless.

Definitely I still prefer gas stove over induction cooker when it comes to cost effectiveness. I only plan to use this during emergency such as whenever I'm out of gas, during makan2 or during holiday.


  1. Haha. it does usually include a frying pan/pot. unless it mentions otherwise. Haha. Oh now i definitely will consider this, since im a light cook. but yalah, sceptical bah, and thanks for recommending it. :-)

  2. hehe.. mmg 'jakun' ba. no wonder la masa di shopping mall they always display the pot together. setengah mati aku carik..