Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!

We'll be celebrating Christmas day in Kuching town, and will be going back to kampung in Bau for the New Year countdown by 29th. Wish all of you Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011, sincerely from Nimi, Momo and Marion for all readers and blogger friends out there!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 more Days!

2 more days to finish my confinement period... arghhhh...

first thing i wanna do on my 'graduation' day, go to saloon and wash, cut and blow my hair.. i can feel it already in my head mmmhh...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Little Girl Is Here

Finally, our much anticipated little girl is finally here, born one day before the date of induce. Thank God our prayer was answered. Baby Marion is delivered at Kuching Specialist Hospital on 11.11.10, 4.41pm, weighing 3.72kg via normal delivery. I cannot write too much at the moment, but we are both settling down well after staying in the ward for a night. See you soon. Bye.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 41- And Counting


2th Nov 2010 came and went, and my mini human is still not budging out yet.

On 5th Nov 2010, doc had wanted to 'help' me a bit, but still being hopeful, I had turned down her offer. She was being very understanding as she knows the procedure can be quite uncomfortable, but she is determined to induce me and set the date on 12th Nov 2010 if I am not making any progress by then. By that time, I would be 10 days overdue and she does not want to expose us to any complication, and so do we.

At least the waiting is bearable for me since Momo was back last Thursday, and took leaves in anticipation of the baby arrival. What makes me a bit agitated are the questions of everyone asking me, "Is it out yet?" I got so fed-up answering this question, and do not bother answering anymore. Pandaila saya bagitau nanti ba... :(

So everyone, if by this Thursday there is no update here or in my facebook, meaning by default I will be going to the hospital on 12th Nov, Friday at 7.30am, and hopefully we will be able to see our beloved baby on the same day. We are still praying that I will get into labor naturally though, so all I need at the moment is for everyone to pray with us too..

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bunga Kampung

Reading about Dama Music Award 2010 which was in the news for the past few weeks in Sarawak local newspaper, always made me think about 1 Bidayuh song which has always been my favorite. Such a simple song yet it strike right home. I know many Bidayuh ladies who can confirm to the message that was being sent through this wonderful song, it was obvious from the shy smiles which was being exchanged by Bidayuh couples whenever this song is being played. Listening to it can evoke such a powerful and sweet memories..

As it is sung in Bidayuh Jagoi, I will provide my own translation in Malay.

Bunga Kupuo (By Megaforce)
Bunga Kampung

Oh bunga kupuo di oggi daang otinku
Oh bunga kampung yang ada dalam hatiku
Di slalu ku natong daang asongku
Yang selalu ku ingat dlm jiwaku
Raan ku odi suba sikien muu
Ku berniat untuk cuba melamarmu
Pak doik manah nyam gayaku
Tapi rasanya peluangku amat tipis

Bulan bintang tong mok puan geh otto
Bulan bintang pun sudah arif tentang kita
Siniak onu oku dapod bisamah mu
Bilakah masanya ku kan dapat bersamamu
Onu rami di mo ropas ku kirin mu
Di pesta yang lepas ku melihatmu
Pak muu doi mu kirin oku
Tapi kau tak memandangku

Oh bunga kupuo sikia mun sangon
Oh bunga kampung kau sungguh ayu
Jawak ngarom slalu ku natong muu
Siang malam selalu ku teringatkan mu
Asong ku raan bisamah samah duoh muu
Hatiku ingin bersama-sama denganmu
Watki ku tanon nudu muu?
Bagaimana harus ku memberitahumu?

To me, the best part of the lyrics shall be, "Watki wat ku tanon nudu muu?" which literally means, "How should I tell you?" which actually represents a true character of a typical Bidayuh guy who have difficulty in expressing their feeling and emotion in words. Between me and Momo, this was the phrase he used when we first met and started to get to know each other. I know he was referring to this song, and I knew what it means hehe.. Hopefully he doesn't read this. He even taught his Sabahan and Malay friends this song, and the meaning of it, and they just love the melody and the meaning it carries :D

Here's the video link of this song from Youtube. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 39 - Counting Days

As of today, I am at my Week 39 and 4 days being pregnant. Feeling so much like a mommy kangaroo. I went for my weekly check-up at Kuching Specialist Hospital yesterday, and baby position is back to head down, facing down position. But as my amniotic fluid still sufficient, baby still have space to move around and change position anytime. The doc was in quite a hurry because the lady before me was in the midst of a labor and had to be warded, so I had forgotten to ask about baby's weight. My own weight is 84.4kg, back to my Week 37 weight. As I have no medical history, my doc was not so worried and will be seeing me in a week time (5th Nov), passing my estimated due date on 2nd Nov, Tuesday next week. It is very common for a first time mother to pass their due date up to Week 42.

Touch wood but if I still don't get any sign by Friday next week, I might want to go to be induced by the following Tuesday 9th Nov (exactly at Week 41) as I don't want any complication to arise, or the baby to grow to big to be deliver varginally. Oh my sweet baby, please help mommy kay? Everybody in the family is eager for the baby's arrival and start calling me to find out how am I doing. We had finished assembling the cot and crib, and baby's clothes also have been taken out from the dust bag, into the drawers in anticipation of the arrival.

Luckily for the past one week Kuching has been raining and it's getting cooler and bearable. I was hoping it to be that way as I cannot imagine how to go through my confinement in a hot weather. I have always felt very warm and sometimes sweat in an aircond room in my last trimesters, and I look forward to feel my usual self again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 38 - Waiting in Anticipation

Another 8 days to go for my due date.
Cepatla keluar baby. Mummy and daddy really couldn't wait to see you..

Last Friday check-up, baby is already 3.45 kg, while mummy is 83.4kg, dropped 1kg from Week 37. Doctor said that my chances of normal delivery is still good as the scanned weight and her quick check on my stomach is very encouraging. It's too bad that baby had missed the daddy's birthday last Friday, otherwise that will be the greatest birthday gift ever!! :)

Right now, for every small twitches I felt on my tummy, I was hoping it would lead to a contraction, but no such luck. I am watching out for any signs of bleeding or water breaking, and yet nothing is happening at the moment. On week 36, baby head position is already facing down and low, although it hasnt engaged on my pelvic area. On Week 37 though, on the early morning of Momo's birthday last Friday, I had noticed that the top of my belly flatten out and spreading side way, and doc confirmed from the scan that the baby is lying on the side. Mmm.. a way of telling mummy, baby is not ready to come out. Doc has advised me to walk especially in the evening and do some crawling exercise to encourage the baby to be in the correct position.The swelling on my feet reduced tremendously since the past weeks, and that may have explained the dropped in my weight.

Last Saturday I had attended the Antenatal Class conducted FOC by Kuching Specialist Hospital. It was a very useful class especially for a first time parents like me. I wished Momo was there with me though. We received lots of free gifts from baby and mother care products suppliers. For those who have never attended an antenatal class before, I really encourage you to go if there is a chance as there are a lot of things you can learn and asked during the session.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 36 - Can I have a bit of Your Courtesy Please?

Safely arrive in Kuching at about 11pm last Thursday. Went to Kuching Specialist the next day and had my first appointment at 36th Week with Dr. Wendy Loh.


Despite the complaints I have abt being heavily pregnant, I cannot deny I do enjoy the attention and special treatment given for a pregnant woman. For example when onboard, we get to board the plane first, we were given a pillow and a blanket without being asked, we get to have the meal before everyone else, and we have special lane for immigration check. Not to mention many others e.g shopping malls and public transport. These are little tiny perks but one I truly appreciate especially now that I got to know first hand why it is important for us.

A lot of people however did not understand how we feels, and why we were given this special privilage. It's very obvious especially when lining up at the priority cashier counter meant for preggers, elders and handicapped people, they just hog the lane without even bothering to offer us to cut the queue (which was in the first place not meant for them!). so far in my almost nine months being pregnant, not once an able bodied person let me cut the queue in Jusco Equine.

I am not a racial by all means (maybe in other situation, yes.. a bit) but I notice that those who are Chinese, hardly bother being courteous. Try the train during the peak hours. They, especially the teenagers just pretend not to see by being busy with whatever they have on their hands like Ipod, Iphone etc. Those who are the most gracious were surprisingly.. were Indian guys.. sue me.. but these are my own personal observation. Even when I was not pregnant, they have always being kind and offer helps whenever possible.

I believe, only those who have been pregnant, and men who have kids really understand why we need all these perks. Majority of pregnant women were going through a major physical changes, both internally and in appearance, which makes them much weaker and vulnerable compare to their normal self. It's especially getting worse when it's nearer to the last part of the third trimester. With a big tummy, swelling legs and bodies full of water, One can hardly walk, what more to stand. Their energy level dropped to almost 40%.

Not to mention the rude stares with a smirk at our belly that we do get sometimes, as though we are a freak with a humongous tummy which will explode at anytime and excrete the aftermath at them.

Sometimes, when I met people who are just plain rude to us, I'll silently curse them that one day they'll have it worse than us. I always believe that a curse from a woman who is carrying an unborn child, is very powerful. So if one day you encounter a pregnant woman, try treat them with respect and courtesy, and be extra nice ya *wink*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 35 - Stabilizing

Last Friday was supposed to be my last prenatal check-up at SJMC, but I needed to see the doctor this Thursday to do the CTG test based on something I had experienced during my 5th and 6th month, which I had forgotten to tell her all this while. I hope the test will turn out fine. Doc also did a vjj swab test to see whether I am at the risk of having a Group B Streptococcus, which can lead to death to newborn baby after few hours of delivery if not being treated.

Our stat on 35th week:
Mommy's weight : From 80.6kg to 81.7kg (increase total of 1.1kg in 2 weeks) pheww :D
Baby's weight : From 2.7kg to 3.0kg (increase 0.3kg)

Both of us gain weight just fine, after a panic moment from the last visit. Doc said from now our weight and baby progress will stabilize since baby is already snugged in my belly with limited space to grow.

As everyone know, last Thursday was my last working day at my workplace. A day before, I suddenly felt so overwhelm with sadness, thinking of the next day will be the last day I ever stepped my foot there. That office has been like a home to me..

My boss had organized a simple farewell lunch for me the next day. I did choke for a moment during my farewell speech.. i had to keep it short and sweet. And when the time comes to leave, I could not muster the guts to shake hand with anyone because tears already welled up in my eyes. All these while, they have seen me as a colleague with a tough demeanor, and I didn't want them to see me otherwise. Honestly, I bawled my head off when I reached the car. I did not expect to be that sad at all... *sigh*

Now I just need to concentrate on preparing physically and mentally for the baby's arrival. Most of the things that I needed for my confinement have been settled, so does the baby needs and as of today I am already 90% finished with our packing and will be ready by the time for our flight back to Kuching on Thursday night!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pump It Up Babe!

Yeayyyy again! did not dissappoint me at all. I had placed the order online before I left for lunch yesterday afternoon, and the package arrived at about 4pm today! Super efficient delivery service.

One happy mummy-to-be :D

Let see what we got here *wink*

I bought myself 1 set of Spectra 3 breast pump kit, and it comes with a free gift containing 8 nos 150ml Autumz brand of breastmilk storage bottles. Spectra 3 is within cheaper range of breast pump available in the market. Since I cannot afford those higher range breast pump brand eg Philips Avent, Medela, Dr Brown etc, I have to make do with Spectra 3 as the review I read from others were not that bad. Anyway since I cannot test it yet, I have to rely on those reviews. I'll make my own reviews someday.

The retail price for this breast pump set is RM388, but Littlewhiz offered the cheapest price compare to other online shop so far, which was RM328, plus the free gift above! I went to a baby and mothercare shop nearby my office, and they still could not beat that price :D

At the same time, I ordered these 2 x 160ml anti-colic, BPA-free feeding bottles of MAM brand. One green, one purple in color, a neutral gender color selection *wink* Each with retail price of RM33.50, but Littlewhiz offering sales price of RM30.15 each, which is the cheapest around. Talking about the price, I never realized how costly a feeding bottle can be *sigh*

I chose MAM bottle instead of other brand because most reviews mentioned that their baby have less nipple confusion problem, they normally facing less issue during transition from mom to MAM (its also mentioned on the package :p)

Since my purchase is more than RM200, the shipping fee is free! Phew.. just goyang kaki la shopping nowadays. I don't have to sheepishly explaining to any sales girl that I am window shopping & comparing prices, and feeling guilty leaving the shop empty handed.

I have 2 more days left to my last day, and this is how I spent my working hours lately, doing online shopping hahahaha seronoknya..

Next in my list is a thermal bag for the feeding bottles, and I had also decided to try buying some cloth diapers. I know that the breast pump set and this cloth diapers required high capital cost, but certainly it can reduce our overall running cost. Momo gasped when he heard how much I need to spend for all these, but explaining about the ROI, I managed to let him see my reasoning.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 34-4 days to go for My Last Day

I am into my 34th week now, another 2 days into my 35th week.

Looking back into my pregnancy journey, it's unbelieveable that I have achieved this stage where at one time I thought I could not make it. Now my journey into my first pregnancy has almost come to an end, 5 more weeks to go yihiii!! Baby kicking and squirming is getting more pronounced, i can feel tiny fingers and hand at my lower abdomen scrapping around. once in a while i can feel the bum-bum. when the baby stretched too much, i got a little bit uncomfortable, almost puke sometimes. had to rub the part to encourage the baby to be in original position. My movement getting slower, of course since I am lugging additional 20+kg around with me.

So far I can still sleep soundly. The only challenge is to find a comfortable position. Once I found it, I could breath easier, my back relaxed and went straight into lala land. When i wake up in the morning, the joint on my fingers became stiff and hurts like hell. I have to massage it so I could grab and remove the pillows which I arranged surrounding me the night before.

Looking at my growing belly, it never failed to amaze me that a human skin can stretch to that extend. I was browsing thru some of my photo 'masa bujang dulu2', including my pre-wedding photos, oh how i miss that moment, now I could appreaciate how slim I was eventhough at the particular time the photo was taken, I never like what I saw.

4 more working days to go, and that would also means I will not have any more laptop to use. Have to depend on Momo's laptop at night to be online from then onwards. My last prenatal check-up with Dr Delaila at SDMC will be this coming Friday. Momo's family is making their 1 week trip to KL for the last time this year, arriving Friday night.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Baby Toys

Feel so happy my brand new toy is here. Bought it from an online store selling babycare stuff at, and it took only 2 days to reach me.

It's Little Bean Bottle Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack!

Isn't it cute? Even Momo got so excited only by looking at the packaging :D

I was hesitating at first to buy anything to do with feeding bottles as I wanted to encourage, or more like forcing myself to breastfeed and not be tempted to give baby formula milk since I have the bottles. I can imagine how easy it is to give in to temptation. But I have made further research regarding breastfeeding, and it turned out that I can still give my baby the nutricious breast milk eventhough I am not around by keeping storage hehe.. This would be especially useful when I start to go back to work later on. yea.. feel so jakun, only by being a mother-to-be one can start to be aware with this kind of thing hehe..

I have bought this brand since it stated that it can fit most wide neck bottles and it was the cheapest combo pack available. Checked on other people review (after I bought it) on the same product seems to be quite encouraging too pheww.

My next hunt would be good feeding bottles and breast pump. Cost of course is a concern to me, and I hope I can manage to make good decision based on reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness for my purchase.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 33 - Growth Spurt

Had my 33th week check-up last Friday, and we were in for a big surprise! 2 weeks ago, our stats were the following;

3rd Sept 2010:
Mummy : 77.4kg
Baby : 1.8kg

the latest;

17th Sept 2010:
Mummy : 80.6kg (total increase of 3.2kg)
Baby : 2.7kg! (increase of 0.9kg)

and I still have about 6 weeks to go! My goodness.. Not just the nurse, even the doctor mistakenly thought I was about 36 weeks along by looking at my tummy before them looking at my actual record. Now I am a bit scared of how big the baby will be by the time Im about to deliver. I have rooted for normal delivery from the very beginning since I want to witness my child's entrance into this world myself. But as long as me and baby is healthy and safe at the end of the day, I will prepared myself for a plan B if necessary.

After my check-up, since I took one day leave that day, me and Momo made our way to Genting Highland for 1 night stay for my last vacation before my delivery, and certainly the last vacation between the two of us alone. Well, to think of it, we were never twosome anyway, the baby is with us :-)

I do not really want to show my pregnant photo actually because I look so ugly and fattt but bwahahaha what the heck! Here you go!

And this is the only photo that shown my tummy the smallest, and I won't show the rest :p

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 32 - Getting Heavier Everyday

Sorry friends i was away from my blog for quite sometimes. has been banned from my office line, eventhough i can still read blogs. whenever i'm home, im just too tired to switch on my laptop. Not that I'm overload with works, rather I am quite free. Now my pregnancy has reached Week 32, plus minus another 8 weeks to meet our new family member, and my weight was 77.4kg last week, an addition of 3.4kg in 2 weeks time eeekksss!! The baby is already 1.8kg, and doc confirmed that our weights are just nice. Many people had already noticed the swelling on my feets, and my soles feels as if having a thick padding. Going around especially shopping is quite a challenge now cos I get tired very easily.

We are almost done with baby stuff's shopping. I'm holding my decision to buy feeding bottles, as I planned to breastfeed exclusively for the first few months. I hope that everyone will support and understand my decision without doubt as it is very important for me.

Now I have to start thinking about my confinement stuffs. Baby stuffs may be quite an easy stuffs to handle, but I have almost zero knowledge on confinement. My mother was even furious when I asked so many questions that she could not answer, including "if I cannot touch cold water, then how am I going to brush my teeth? shud i use hot water?" haha..

Tomorrow is Hari Raya. I had planned to bake Layer cake for my neighbor once I got back from work today, but castor sugar was none to found from 4 shops that I went to, including Jusco hypermarket! shessh! Maybe everyone is making layer cake kot? I finally found it on the 5th shop I went to, but when I reached home and start to open the cookbook, I realised I had missed one crucial ingredient one way or another from different recipes. Maybe it's not my neighbor's fate to get any..

Oh ya, my parents were around for a week during Indepence Day holiday. We went to Malacca and stayed for one night in town, and another 1 night in Tanjung Kling. Happy to be able to bring my parents to see A Famosa, but our trips were not that fulfilling since I felt quite unenergetic most of the time. I hope I can blog about it soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 27 - If Only

Thank God it's Friday. Nowadays I felt so exhausted without any apparent reason. My workload in the office is almost next to none, and I made sure to try going back on the dot, or compensate for being late in the morning with the same amount of time after office hours. My last day has been fixed on 30th September, the reason was I was just promoted to management level last April, and together with it I am tied with a 3-months notice period. Since I need to go back to Kuching to start my maternity leave earlier, the management has agreed to cut short my notice period and at the same time pay my 2-months maternity allowance. I did not expect that, but I am still grateful that they did consider to pay me, cause based on experience they know I may fight for it. The only thing was that I loose half of the bonus I am supposed to get for last year. I felt unhappy for that because it was my effort for last year and I deserve it since it's only the balance of what I got last February. But I have told myself that it is ok, money is not everything in the world.

I had my monthly materniy check-up on 23rd July, and from 68.9 kg on 25th June, I have increased to 71.6kg. 2.7kg in a month, not bad since the range doctor advised me should be from 2-4kg per month. After the surprise hike in June (from 61.8kg in May), I have managed to control my food intake. Well, nobody could blamed me for that balloning since I have lost 7kg during my first trimester due to the extreme morning sickness. So far my health has been quite normal, only that since the past 2 weeks, I feel slightly headache before lunch hour. In the evening by 6pm, I had to eat things like bread, kuih, cakes etc while waiting for dinner, otherwise I will feel lethargic. Must be from the low blood pressure. I am being supplied with iron and anaemic tablet from doctor, but sometimes I hate it since it can caused bleeding in my nose. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

It seems so far until the date of my last day, if only they would change their mind and let me go by end of this month instead. I don't see any point sitting around doing nothing. Not that I want to be given anything to do anyway, but might as well just let me go and rest. They did not pay my bonus for my slaving last year anyway, so why should I work as hard anymore now, right?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That's It

My intuition has been right all along. When I came back from the holiday, I have noticed a slight changes in attitude and cold shoulder my boss had given to me.

The last straw was this morning. What happened was, last Monday I had met with an accident on my way back home, and as the accidednt was bad enough, I have went to hospital the first thing when insisted by Momo, and subsequently made a police report. Only by 11pm we managed to leave the police station compound. Before going to the hospital, I have made a call to my boss who where waiting for us yesterday in Kulim that I may not be able to join them. Without asking how bad the accident and how I was doing, he coldly said that he did not asked me to drive but I'll be following my colleagues. He was implying that it was not an excuse, that I could make arrangement to go for the meeting, which was in the afternoon.

Well, I am not in a way asking for symphaty from him. I know how important is the meeting for our organisation, and understand why he wanted me to be involved as a key person in the team. But call it bad luck. The accident was never my intention. He did not understand why I had to make the hospital visit and why I could not make the police report and the insurance claim on the same night. But as much as he think that I am exaggerating the situation and I did not put the right priority, I rather loose the job than loosing the baby. He did not know that I have to send my car to our own workshop and the insurance claim had to be done the next day since it was already 11pm (eventhough he himself aware that the time frame for the claim is 24hours). I'm suspecting that he had expected that my husband could have taken care of the problem for me, but did not remember that I had to be there to sign the claim form myself, and why should I dragged my husband into the picture? Why was he supposed to sacrifice his time away from his job at our company's expense?

So this morning, I quietly told him that there is another trip to go to Batu Pahat tomorow. He does not seems to care when I told him I do not have a car to go (the truth was Momo's car was not in a good condition to travel long distance, and again I think that it should not be at his expense too), but he just want to know that things are settled without him having to give any solution. I was so sad that since previously we have discussed that due to my pregnancy also I am not fit to travel long distance by myself, he does not seems to bother assigning anybody else to go.

So, I called Momo, and told him, I could not take it anymore. I gave my resignation letter, and had a heated discussion with my boss. And to my surprise, he had thought about it since the day that I left for the long sick leave, that I actually could not cope, it made me fall sick due to the stress and felt that I am trying to 'run away' from problems. It made me sad that he did not realized the extend of my situation at all, that it even crossed my mind many times to end my pregnancy because I was never that sick in my whole life. When he kept telling me that never to think he does not understand my situation because he himself has 5 kids and gone through all that, I decided that the discussion will not benefit anybody. Anyway, since he is more or less accepted my resignation, I waste no more time and mentioned about the notice period and my intention to deliver in Kuching, which falls within my notice period.

So folks, I'll be soon out of job. I am not that happy to leave, but again I do not feel comfortable any longer. I know that based on my annual bonus, they appreciate my contribution to the company very much. But when I fall sick, this is what had happened to me.. true what people said.. never fall in love with a company, because the company will not love you back if anything happened to you..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 23 - Blues

Feel a little bit down since last night. I am furious with myself that I do not know how to say it out. I thought I am so good at expressing myself in a straightforward manner. Yet since i know the topic is very sensitive I tried to talk in a diplomatic way but I just couldn't.

I carried my mood to my workplace. It's Monday, I am late as usual and I have nothing to smile about. Even thinking of all my clothes that does not fit me anymore makes me unhappy. I have been home late way after midnight, including outstation travels which requires me to drive for 4 hours one way, and walkabout a huge dangerous site all by myself. I felt I am expected of too much at work even in my current condition. I am frustrated too that I could not find a proper way how to discuss this with my superior to be more understanding. Futhermore, I could not afford to fall sick at all this year since I have exhausted all my MCs. If only I can just resign, but I still have 3 months to go till the start of my maternity leave.

Momo called me a while ago telling me he did not get the job from the interview he went to 2 weeks ago. I could sense from his voice that he is a bit down too, and yet I did not say anything to lift up his spirit and be a suppportive wife. I know normally I do that, but today I just feel I couldn't, and I felt bad about it.

Maybe today is just one of those pregnancy blues day..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 19 - Kick

Just so that everyone does not forget my blog ever existed, here I am alive and kicking.. well sort of. The kicking is coming more from the inside actually. Yes, I could feel some kicking by now, not so obvious but I could feel it when I put my arms on my stomach while lying down watching TV.

Yesterday went to Nilai to look for new curtain for our house. The first shop that I went in, I fall in love immediately with one grey silver Thai silk curtain sample on display. Too bad they have finish the stock. A tour check for other designs or color from the neighboring shops failed, as they all seems to be pale in comparison compare to that particular curtain that I wanted. Left Nilai empty handed. Maybe will make another visit in a week or two just to check whether they will replenish the stock, or maybe by that time I would be able to change my mind and accept some of other nice design with different material or texture. Momo is quite busy with our house renovation. Once our back extension completed by this week, we could sigh in relief for the time being and wait for the next phase in a month or two, which is the kitchen cabinet.

I am already back at work since Monday last week, and by Thursday I was already outstation in Batu Pahat, Johor attending a site coordination meeting. My appetite is in full swing, but I still avoid anything with curry that contained coconut milk for the time being.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 16 - First Gawai

I'm back in Kuching using 1.50pm flight today, along with Momo.

Yesterday check up at SJMC was quite a long wait, but the moment we saw the ultrasound scan of the baby showing everything is all well and I am putting slightly a bit of weight (despite the food binging I did at my parent's house last week), we were all smiles and let out a happy sigh. 2 weeks ago, I was suffering and yet now I could barely remember what had happened, except when a mild nausea strike once in a while. The doc had confirmed the baby's sex about 90% now, but I would seal my mouth here as long as I can :D

Am so excited for the Gawai celebration next week. Tomorrow we'll be in Cultural Village helping my MIL selling ethnic food and delicacies for an event being held there, and at night me and Momo will be attending a wedding dinner in town. On Sunday, Momo will spend half a day riding with his friends, and by evening we'll make a move to kampung until 2nd June to celebrate Gawai with my families. This will be the first ever Gawai for the baby :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 15 - Light At The End of Tunnel

Yep. Here I am, I survived my first trimester.

You may be wondering of my absence since the last post from the Week 12. Let me just put it briefly (or not so brief I guess).

2 days after I started work (the day I posted my Week 12 post), that evening I was in such a bad state I could not drive myself back. Momo was on the way meeting his friend in Midvalley, and he had to turn back to Putrajaya station to pick up his car and another friend to drive my car back. The moment I reached the car after waited for 2 hours, I was retching badly all the way home. I was so weak I couldn't eat, and immediately slept being too exhausted until the next morning. I took MC the next day. On Thursday, I felt slightly better and went to work. HR and my bos had given me green light to take 1-month extra leave, on condition that I hang in there until Friday. But slowly approaching noon, the stress from reading and correcting technical documents on my laptop was proved to be too much for me. Plus, my HR had just finished calculating my MC and I was furious and did not agree with their figure. If they stood by their calculation, I would loose almost 1 month salary from the extended leave. But that would be a story for another day.

On Friday, I went to work again, worried more of the consequences to my leave if I didn't. By then, I was unable to function at all. I sat slumped on my chair the whole day, staring blankly at nothing in the meeting room while controlling my guts from coming out. Half an hour before office hour finished, I just left because I know if I don't, I would be facing the jam and that would be enough for me to break down and would never reach home.

My condition worsen over the weekend as I could not hold anything on my stomach for more than 5 minutes, including water. My weight started to drop steadily, within 10 days I had lost 5 kg just by breathing and did nothing. By Tuesday (4th May), when my weight dropped 1 kg within a day, badly dehydrated and my mind started to play tricks on me, I knew that it's time to stop being tough and called Momo at work that he need to send me to hospital asap. Went to clinic to get my referral letter, with one look at me the gynea told me to go to hospital immediately to be warded. Went to ER at SJMC, and straight away admitted for the 3rd time.

This time, my recovery took slightly longer because I have taken longer time to seek for treatment. I did so because I was affected by so many opinion of the so called experience and non experience women that I had to toughen up and I 'SHOULD' controlled it, whereas I very well knew that I had Hyperemisis Gravidarum and what other majority pregnant women experience is different than mine. Again, I will explained that in another post, but for those who are interested, pls click on the link so that you understand better what I am actually going through and avoid giving the wrong advices to sufferer like us.

I actually had bought a return flight tix back to Kuching on 6th May, but I was warded from 4th May and discharged on the 9th. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) automatically cancelled the tix that I bought cash, including my return flight from Kuching to KL on 21st just because I didn't show up on the 6th. That is another reason to add to my mental stress, gosh. Talk about that later lah.

So I finally made it to Kuching on 12th after I made sure that I was strong enough to make it for the 1hr45min flight trip (this time Airasia, thank you). The moment I reached the KIA airport, I felt 10 times better than what I went through the past 1 week. During my 1 week stay, not even once I ever vomited, not even the sensation. I took the chance to eat as much as I could to gain my weight and my strength back. Everybody at home told me to just say and eat what my heart, or actually my stomach desire, and that's exactly what I did.

Now I am at my in-laws place awaiting for my flight on Monday, and I would have follow-up appointment at SJMC on Thursday. Right now besides light nausea in the morning and the occasional tiredness, I felt just fine and normal again.

I'll be going back for Gawai, and that trip back next week shall be with Momo :). Can't wait to meet up with my big family.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 12 - Home

When I was discharged on Wednesday and received another 1 week MC, I decided to go back to Kuching. Went to office on Friday to handover some urgent matters and also getting approval for additional 2 days leave. By 4pm, left office and went straight to airport.

I was quite well for the whole week I spent in Kuching. I ate more than usual and quite enjoyed the food in fact. I got almost every home cooked food that I been silently craving.

My nausea started back on Friday, the day I was supposed to fly back to KL. It must have been the stress of thinking about getting back to work. My condition returned back to square one that night when I was at home.

I started work yesterday and lots of thing to catch up. At least my boss tried his best to let me delegate most of my things to other staffs, and what i need to do is just to check their works. But still it's all a bit too much for me.

Our HR manager has advised me that if I am not ready to get back to work, it's best that we sit down together with my boss and tried to get unpaid leave and come back only when I am ready. Worst come to worst, I will consider resigning as my last option if the situation continue as it is. Let's see for these few days how it goes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 11-Careful What You are Asking For

you might get it, or more.

I was hoping the doc will extend my MC during follow up visit supposedly yesterday. But by Thursday night my condition turned for the worst. I vomitted everything-i think by now you must get bored of reading about my vomitting.

By Friday, I was so weak I can't do anything except lying down in between wretching my stomach out. Thank God my MIL was around since Tuesday, she was the one doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry for me as I was not able to function at all.

Early Saturday at 4.30am, I woke up vomitting water and stomach acid, I have nothing else left. Started to get dizzy spell, indicating bad dehydration. Me and Momo left immediately to 24 hours clinic to get referal letter, and made our way to SJMC. Immediately being ushered to ER, put on drip and readmitted to Prenatal Care Ward.

I felt much better today, and doc already indicated I can be discharged by tomorrow. The pressure from the office to get my ass back to office asap is mounting by tonnes of emails I received, and panic SMSes and calls every now and then. Now they know how much I've been doing all these while, I'm sure they appreciate me more from now onwards huhu..

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tensen la neighbor sebelah ni. The whole week I'm at home, cannot rest in peace cos they have been renovating their home. My car full of dust, don't like to open the door but I'm just too stingy to switch on the ac.

Hopefully next week I can get to extend my MC. I'm totally not ready to get back to work yet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 9 - Well Rested

Finally, I got the rest I had truly deserved.

Albeit in different style.

I was so exhausted on Tuesday morning I decided that I'm going to make a visit to the clinic nearby to get my MC. Started having bad wretching until all the acid from my stomach came out by lunch hour.

Vomitted again while having evening shower. I saw something dark came out, but I don't remember eating anything dark. In the middle of dinner with Momo, everything that went in, came out back again, including........

fresh red blood.


Shaken and crying, asking Momo for confirmation. He was equally shaken. Rushed out to clinic, got our referal letter. Came back home to pack just in case I need to be warded. Reached SJMC by 10+, immediately being ushered from the registration to the Emergency Room. Put on drips and given strong anti-vomit medication. Been warded eversince and finally being discharged today.

I was given additional 1-week for home-rest and will come again for follow-up visit. Hope next week will be a better week for me. Pls don't tell me otherwise, let me keep whatever remaining positive spirit I had left in me.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 8 - Bad Week

I have started vomited on 17th of March. Vomitted after breakfast and while driving to office and back. Had it very badly on the 18th while stucked in the traffic jam. Luckily I brought extra plastic bags with me. It was not easy for me to maneuver the car, at the same time ensuring I did not knocked on the car in front of me by opening my eyes while having the spasm. Maybe government should have a ban on pregnant women in their first trimester from driving and give people like us 1-month paid leave? Muahaha..

Had a very bad weekend, very weak and unable to eat properly. By 24th however I felt so much more stronger eventhough the nausea and the occasional ‘almost’ incident happened. Yesterday vomitted twice on the way driving back.

My eating routine for Week 7-8,

Breakfast : Milo+cracker/dry toast (milk is banned from my sight)
Lunch : a bit of White rice, green vege, egg/fish
Night : Clear pork soup with white rice or chicken rice
In between meal : Dry crackers (to reduce nausea, my MIL tips)
Drinks : Ice water, apple juice with slice of lemon or MILO

Colors play a role in my food selection, anything red like curry or chilies, or milky white is unacceptable. All food portion reduced to half of what I normally consumed.

Physically, I think I lost 1-2kg due to my changing diet. I noticed most probably I vomitted whenever it's almost meal time and my stomach was empty. That means I have to watch my mealtime and not go hungry at any time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ah.. Sudah!

Aduh.... aku mengidam yang ini...


macam mane ni Sayang?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Ours!

Remember my post regarding our Bumiputera status was questioned when we bought this house?

Well, after all the heartache, bruised prides and 3 appeals later, now the house is ours wohoho!!!

Thanks to our seller for the extra effort they have taken. Praise the Lord for listening to our prayers, especially Momo's.

Wow.. what a good year.. this baby really bring luck to us :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Friendship

I was talking on the phone to one of my BFF yesterday and updating each other of our latest news. She is actually one of the few girlfriends I have that I can talk to on the phone for hours and yakking away, meet up and not say much to each other but just enjoy our time together. Since we left university, we have drifted apart, but we still making it a point to call each other up every once in a blue moon.

We were talking about among other few things, an ex- uni-mate whom we found on Facebook just recently, and that triggered our discussion about the old times and the stupid things we did. She vaguely mentioned about a particular incident I considered as the darkest moment in my life, a dark secret of which only my parents, my sister and few closest friends knows about.

You see, she was one my friends who accompanied me on one of the nights in the hospital and the day I was discharged. She followed me around for about a week, came to my room to check on me and brought me out for meal. She never asked me anything about why I did the thing I do, what triggered it or how I feel. We would just walked side by side, sit at the park, or ate on the same table, but never once she prodded me or gave me any advised about what happened. She always talked about something else, and the closest she would mentioned about the incident at that time was.. no matter what I would be okay…

At that time, I had never expected her to do that for me. I didn’t know her that well, and even wondering why she was following me around, not saying much and never asked me anything about the incident, of which I myself wanted to forget anyway. But much later on I realized what she did was such a tremendous act of self-lessness. She made my life much more bearable at that time, indirectly helped me in my emotional recovery, and just be a good friend using her presence when I have no family around to comfort me.

For countless times, I was thanking her for being there for me. It was exactly what I needed. She brushed me aside lightly, and said thank you too for being there for her during her time of need. I could not help but asking her sincerely, have I been a good friend to her, and have I done enough for her? I always had the feeling that I am not that helpful or nice to anyone, and did not reciprocate what was being given to me.

She assured me that I’ve done more than enough, that I had been a friend and never once judged her, especially when she made a very bad decision which had affected her reputation and her personal life until this day. I had always been hanging around even though she knows I did not agree with what she had done. She appreciates it so much that I have kept in touch with her after all these years, during such times where everyone we used to know is busy with their own career and personal life, and many old friends drifted away.

She is much successful than I am, but she sounded almost forlorn and lonely. I could understand her feeling in that sense, although I considered myself luckier than her that I have my husband to share my life with, a bigger family who dots on me, and friends from my old days who still think about me and my wellbeing. That includes her too, she has always been happy of my achievement and what I have become today.

I sincerely wish that one day she will be able to find what she’s looking for and truly be happy, and that our beautiful friendship which transcends beyond race, religion and geography, will never ends.

It Comes

The symptoms came back yesterday. In full force. Never did I felt so glad to be so sick. Vomit and all. Looks like mealtime going to be a battle, driving is a challenge, and keeping awake is a big feat.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7-Week Journey

Let me recall back my journey on this pregnancy so far:

Week 1 - My last first day period was on 26th January 2010. I was hoping that my home pregnancy test that I took would turned out positive, but I realized I got my period just when I was about to test. Felt very frustrated.

Week 2- Awaiting for another fertile days cycle on the weekend using self-check ovulation indicator.

Week 3 - On 12 Feb, I started to feel different. I was feeling I had 'something inside me', but I need to wait another 12-14 days to test. Before going back home, was shopping in Jusco when I tripped and twisted myself badly on an unforeseen obstacle in the market area. After that incident, my instinct told me clearly that I was not my usual self, and I must be very careful.

16 Feb~ I had trouble sleeping. Partially I think caused by the heat, but I was very restless. I had cramped on my back, and bad flatulance. There seems to be a big wave going on inside. Had wanted to tell Momo of my suspicion, but I didn't want to jump the gun too soon until I do the test.

18 Feb~ On the way back from JB. Feeling weird and very tired. Didn't feel like walking around at all. Reached home and tried do the test but still show negative, maybe still too early cos hormon build up still low. Went for dinner at A&W, and had my first bout of empty-vomit right after. Momo already got excited instead of being concerned, and kept telling me I was pregnant. Still, I kept my skeptism cos I don't want to be dissappointed again.

19 Feb ~ Had breakfast, and vomit air again. Still too ealy to test. Lying down the whole day. Thought maybe it's the heat, again.

20 Feb ~ Went to Ayam Penyet @ USJ9 for dinner. Vomit air again afterwards. Momo just smiled. Started to have cough, flu and mild fever.

21 Feb ~ Feeling too sick to go out. Been lying down the whole day and letting the wave inside me flowing. By 6pm, I decided to go ahead with the test. It took 1 nerve-wrecking minute wait, but the second line appeared albeit very slowly and very-very faint. :) Showed Momo the test, this time he was the one being skeptical, and we agreed to re-do first thing in the morning.

22 Feb ~ Had trouble sleeping. Kept waking up to go to the loo, and felt so thirsty. Was worried by the time in the morning, my urine would be too diluted to show the hCG build up. At 7.30am, took the test. Initially, was very dissappointed cos 1 complete minute did not show anything at all, not even a faint one. Suddenly when I was about to toss it, it appeared clearly without any warning :) Went to clinic to confirm, but since both home test showed positive, the doc decided not necessary to do any test. Asked to come again in 3 weeks time. Given folic acid and Vitamin B complex.

Week 4 - All my pants start to feel tight. Still with flu and mild fever but not dare eating any medicine.

Week 5 - Fever and flu gone. By the end of the week, started to develop constant nausea, and have trouble concentrating. Had my site accident on 3 Mar, and given a tetanus injection, which I found out was actually good for expecting mother. Boobs size increased too :)

Week 6 - Nausea getting worse. Feeling lots of stress, especially regarding works. Having trouble eating, became extremely choosy. At night, woke up at least twice with extreme thirst. Could feel lots of activity in my stomach area.

14 March - Suddenly felt nothing. All the waves and the occasional mild cramps gone. Felt like not pregnant at all except when looking at my expanding boobs. Went a bit worried especially thinking about a friend who got an ectopic pregnancy and by the time they found out, the baby was 7 weeks old and had to be aborted.

Week 7
16 March ~ Went for my first ultrasound scan. Doc said may not be able to see the baby yet, only the sac. Once scanned, doc showed white small spec which was the baby. Measured my womb, and determine location and date correct. Told doc about my concern that the symptoms gone, but doc said it's normal, it might come and go. Asked to come again on Week 12 to do card. Forgotten to ask doc to look for baby's heartbeat.

17 March ~ All my working pants not wearable anymore, can only wear either dresses or low-waist jeans. Google up on "does pregnancy symptoms gone when miscarriage". Felt very surprised that lots of miscarriages happen during Week 7-8.

Touch wood, but I hope I'm just worry for nothing. Pls God, watch over us............

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take Me Far Away From Here

So stresssssssssssss... i cannot tahan! So many idiots, so many politicians! Damn it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The More The Merrier

I'm so happy to hear one of my BFF is pregnant too! My little one has so many friends even before getting out to see the world. 2 of my nieces just gave birth last January and February, my own sister gave birth last week, Momo's cousin will deliver this August, Momo's biker friend is awaiting for their twins delivery early July, and now my BFF? Wow.... So many tigers! Roar!

LATEST UPDATE (13/3/10):
1. My nephew's wife is also expecting and estimated to be due this August. That's make 5 baby tigers and tigresses at my parents house comes Christmas.
2. 2 of my colleagues from other subsidiaries are expected to deliver this June and November respectively.

phew.. it's getting a bit overwhelming...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Never A Hero

I feel so much stronger today. The energy and appetite came back last night. 2 hours after reaching home, I was famished and Momo tapau for me a packet of steam chicken rice, of which I finished off till the last bit of rice. For 2 days in a row, I had been trying to leave office by 5.30pm sharp, but still I overshoot to almost 6.00pm. Guilt must have overcome me as usual.

Last week I have spoken to my boss about my pregnancy and he did advise me to know how to delegate my work to my juniors so that I have more time for myself and to get enough rest I needed. So by right I should not be feeling guilty whenever I pass by his room on my way out. Could not help it, but it's one thing I need to learn and to adjust my mindset.

Moreover, since most of my colleagues and HR has also known about it, including the site accident I had last week, at least the HR have shown some empathy and willing to try to speak further on my behalf to my boss so that I can be involved less in site activities except meetings and normal visits. I know my boss is not in an 'asshole' category, but sometimes he just likes to push me to my limits and see how far I can go before I break. Yeaa.. at least that's what he told me personally some times ago. His reason is that so I can become stronger and be a good example to my colleagues, showing that I can do a good job, if not better by being a female for doing what I do- a coolie that is hehe...

But I think this time is definitely not the right moment for me to become a hero! Not that I ever want to anyway. Futhermore, everybody has been advising me to be extra careful so that the incident did not happen again, as if it was my fault altogether. Of course I insist that it was not my fault, the danger at that particular site was a mishap waiting to happen. Yesterday we revisit the place and the facility personnel has taken the liberty to cut off all the sharp angles which was getting on the human traffic way. They could have done that long time ago, considering that the angle is rusty and obviously had been there for ages!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thank God the days have started to cool down a bit and it rains every now and then. Otherwise, it is very difficult to cope with the heat especially in my condition now where there's a lot of hormonal changes occur and higher than normal temperature can make me feel feverish easily.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Worked late, reached home 3.40am.
Came to work at 10.35am this morning.

Arghhh.. if only I don't have to do all this. It's becoming so exhausting. No amount of money from the OT can replace the time that I have lost for enough rest. Hopefully little one inside there is strong and not angry at me.

Hang in there sayang..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Hurt Locker-Does it Worth it?

Have you watched The Hurt Locker, the movie that is head to head with Avatar when it comes to awards?

What do you think? If you ask me, I will say that I will not really go gaga over it cos after watching it and assessing how I feel *haha*, I realized I did not feel or think anything at all. Flat, that's how I described how I feel, if there is such a term. To me, the reason why it was nominated or won lots of accolades is because most of the awards are American movie awards, and this is an 'American-wants-to-feel-good-about themselves' movie. In my opinion, there are lots of other war movie that should receives more tribute compare to this. The storyline and plot is quite simple, and I did get the ending, of which was not really a typical ending that we would have expected and that is a small tiny plus. Some scenes were quite interesting, some good jokes thrown here and there, but other than that, I've got nothing else to say.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Honda City 2nd Generation Defective?

Extract from Star Motoring, The Star dated 28 Feb 2010:

PETALING JAYA: If you own either a second-generation 2008 Honda City or a first generation 2003 Jazz, Honda Malaysia is recalling your vehicles for product update.

According to the local Honda distributor, those two models could have power window master switch failure with the possibility of short circuit or fire.

However, as of today, there were no faulty cases reported in Malaysia (abis yg aku tukar actuator sampai 3 kali tu ape?)

The recall will involve some 12,935 units of City with 7,713 units of V-TEC and 5,222 units of i-DSI variants respectively.

As for Jazz, there are 3,090 units of 1.4-litre Japan-made units in Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia managing director and chief executive officer Toru Takahashi said the company would bear all charges incurred in the inspection and replacement work.

"We would like to assure our customers that all current selling models are not affected."

For details, call Honda toll free number at tel: 1-800-88-2020, or visit any authorised Honda dealer.

Mr Takahashi, while you are at it, why don't you admit the problem with the jet sound at my gearbox is your manufacturing problem and do something about it, instead of saying "it's like that one!!!" whenever I complained?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Heartbeats

It's feels funny that all these years I felt only one set of heartbeat in my body, and now I can actually feel that another set exists and beating deep inside me. It's indescribable and feel so surreal. Some might say it's just to early to feel it, but I instinctively know what it is :)

I feel very grateful that God had given me the chance to go through this experience. I truly understand now how significant it is, knowing that there were so many others out there who were not as fortunate as I am....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ellen Shouldn't Be There

...being the American Idol judge.

1. She is not funny at all. Never been.

2. Her comments are all layman.

3. She always repeats her words in every comment as if she has 1-minute memory lapse.

4. She always repeats her comments every weeks.

5. She knows nut about music.

She's so amatuer, it's becoming annoying and irritating every week watching her there. She should just stick to whatever she has been doing before, which I don't really care what it was anyway.

Site Accident

I just told my bos yesterday regarding my pregnancy, so that I don't have to be assigned to work at site or go outstation during my first tri-mester. He understand my situation but assigned me to replace him for today visit since he would not be available, and supposedly it was only for a discussion.

Barely 24 hours later, while walking at the client's production area, out of nowhere a low protruding rusty angle hit my head (or rather, the other way round). Initially I felt only pain, and I was standing there with my palm on my head for a good minute waiting for the pain to pass. My colleague and our client were there, waiting with me and trying to see whether there's any blood. The moment I let my hand go and look at it, I was so shocked to see my whole palm was wet with deep red blood. Not just that, my hair started to get wet and streams of blood trickling down my forehead and cheek. Everybody was panic, including me who started to cry more out of shock rather than the pain itself.

Cleaned up there and everybody was trying to stop the bleeding. We left the place and went to clinic nearby. By that time, the blood has somehow slowed down. The doc cleaned me up again with antiseptic solution and jabbed me with anti-tetanus injection, and luckily the wound was small enough I don't need any stitching.

Driving home from the office after picking up my laptop was quite a feat. I couldn't wait to reach home and lie down. The throbbing and pounding dull pain still there up to the time Im writing this post, cos I'm trying to avoid taking the painkiller provided.

Hmm.. Really feel like sueing somebody.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Portable Induction Cooker

Call me so-yesterday, but I'm so grateful to have this item. It was a portable induction cooker given by Babai's colleague as a post-wedding gift 2 weeks ago. And it proved to be very handy for me.

Last Saturday Babai Momo was cooking me breakfast (yes, he does now :D) when half-way cooking the stove ran out of gas. We don't have any phone number of the grocery stores with us, and to change and go to the shop and get them to send it to us was too much trouble. Momo finished up his breakfast using my baking oven.

After breakfast, I was arranging our stuffs in the store when I kept on looking at the unopened box of the induction cooker. I had wished that I have found a wok or a pot which is suitable for it when we went shopping the day before.

Since at night JenJen and hubby going to organize a makan-makan, we had planned to bring keropok. Chris suggested to me to bring it over to her house and fry it there before we made a move to JenJen's place. I said ok and planned to go there after midday.

Not sure why, just after my mid-afternoon shower, I instinctively went to the store again and took out the cooker box, just to admire it hehe. Suddenly I noticed it was written at the back of the box that a stainless steel pot was included! Cheh!

Buang karan betul..

Naa. See I used it to fry the keropok. Sure I am not use to it yet especially with my style of cooking. The plus sides are, it was very easy to use, it has function selection for 4 types of cooking e.g soup, stew, stir fry and steambot, or you can adjust the temperature manually. You will also not experience the blackening at the bottom of your cookery because of the gas combustion. It's portable and convinient of course, you just need an electrical outlet to use it anywhere. It's easy to clean too.

The downside is the power consumption. The highest wattage is for stir-frying which consume 2,000W. Definitely not suitable for heavy cooking. Cookery also must be suitable for induction cooker type. And if it's blackout, logically this will be useless.

Definitely I still prefer gas stove over induction cooker when it comes to cost effectiveness. I only plan to use this during emergency such as whenever I'm out of gas, during makan2 or during holiday.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why So

I am supposed to work half-day today. Earliear on before CNY, we had planned to spend a night in Cameron Highland. After coming back from JB, we decided not to. The fuel and toll cost for 2 long distance trips in a month could just kill us.

I'm not sure whether I owe any of you an explanation over the sudden closure of my blog, and also the change of identity for both me and my hubby. Someday (if) when I'm ready, I might explained, but for the time being let's just keep it that way. I would only be able to say that, it was all for our own wellbeing. Whether it's making sense or otherwise, we do not want to take any chances. The sudden change does affect both of us in some way. Me and hubby had been struggling in trying to get used to our new name (which is not Nimi or Momo hehe), but after 1 week we could see some progress eventhough once in a while we do slipped subconciously.

There is no particular theme for this new blog. I'll just write whatever things that cross my mind. I know I am not a great blog writer, nothing interesting about my blog, and some people thought I write craps, but nah.... what do I care? I have a day job which pay much more for my piece of mind, and this blog is just a place for me to trash around and have fun. I did consider to stop blogging altogether. Not just because I'm busier at work, but also because I've been having conflicts of what I am able to blog publicly and what we should just keep to ourselves. This also includes my day at work as I'm very careful not to let my colleagues knows about my blog existance. As I don't want to take any chances, I dare not write anything about work that can be damaging to myself and against my profession ethics. But having personal blogs, I could not help writing about personal stuffs and by stop doing that, what else is there left to say? *scratch head*

Then again, seeing few cents I get everyday from the Nuffnang ads did give me some motivation to continue. Those money is actually nothing compare to what I earn (and spend hihi) but I am happy that Nuffnang is generous to consider that my blog (or my crap) does worth something. The monetary value is cheap, but at least better than nothing kan?

Ermm.. I thought I had write this crap before. But.. what the heck.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kena Buli

By coffee girl and fonsusz utk jawab tag ntahapapa:

1. Adakah anda rasa HOT?
auk. baru lepas kena demam panas dan selsema...

2. Upload wallpaper PC/laptop yang anda guna sekarang.

3. Cerita pasal gambar.
rumput hijau. sedap mata memandang.

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
semalam kat Pizza vs Satay. Farewell lunch utk colleague.

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Mlm tadi American Idol.

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
tgh buat shop drawing (kenapa aku lak kena buat dwg? cheh)

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa?
the 'sun' (sbb muka bulat). also used to be known as sumuk.

8. Tag 8 orang.
i) Miss Little Colorful Macaw x 8 kali

9. Siapakah orang no.1 kepada anda?
Adik blogger yg comel..

10. Katakan sesuatu mengenai orang no.5.

11. No.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?

12. Bagaimana pula dengan orang no.4?

13. Pesanan kepada orang no.6?

14. Kata-kata cinta untuk orang no.2?

15. Adakah no.7 dan no.8 mempunyai persamaan?
16. Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang org yang mengtag anda.
coffee girl:
Pendek (muahahahhaah!)
Tapi good looking weh
Best jadi teman berborak
Can write well

Budak kelas aku dolu2
Baru beli dslr uuu.....
Ada kampung dekat bintulu (samala kita)
Had a long journey, but he never gave up to become what he is today
Chain smoker

17. Persamaan antara KAMBING dan LEMBU?
Pakei polah kari nang nyaman juak.

18. Perasaan anda buat tag ini?
takut kena tangkap bos kat bilik sebelah

19. Adakah anda tau si Razman itu sengal?
razman tak pasti. tapi ada sorang minah kat opis aku mmg sengal.

20. GAY or LES?
gayless territory only.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Year

February 2010 is the month for lots of good news;

A promotion and a big raise... for both Nimi and Momo

some angpows..

fat bonus ngeh ngeh...

and the best of all...

need I say more?

*praying everything will be ok*