Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why So

I am supposed to work half-day today. Earliear on before CNY, we had planned to spend a night in Cameron Highland. After coming back from JB, we decided not to. The fuel and toll cost for 2 long distance trips in a month could just kill us.

I'm not sure whether I owe any of you an explanation over the sudden closure of my blog, and also the change of identity for both me and my hubby. Someday (if) when I'm ready, I might explained, but for the time being let's just keep it that way. I would only be able to say that, it was all for our own wellbeing. Whether it's making sense or otherwise, we do not want to take any chances. The sudden change does affect both of us in some way. Me and hubby had been struggling in trying to get used to our new name (which is not Nimi or Momo hehe), but after 1 week we could see some progress eventhough once in a while we do slipped subconciously.

There is no particular theme for this new blog. I'll just write whatever things that cross my mind. I know I am not a great blog writer, nothing interesting about my blog, and some people thought I write craps, but nah.... what do I care? I have a day job which pay much more for my piece of mind, and this blog is just a place for me to trash around and have fun. I did consider to stop blogging altogether. Not just because I'm busier at work, but also because I've been having conflicts of what I am able to blog publicly and what we should just keep to ourselves. This also includes my day at work as I'm very careful not to let my colleagues knows about my blog existance. As I don't want to take any chances, I dare not write anything about work that can be damaging to myself and against my profession ethics. But having personal blogs, I could not help writing about personal stuffs and by stop doing that, what else is there left to say? *scratch head*

Then again, seeing few cents I get everyday from the Nuffnang ads did give me some motivation to continue. Those money is actually nothing compare to what I earn (and spend hihi) but I am happy that Nuffnang is generous to consider that my blog (or my crap) does worth something. The monetary value is cheap, but at least better than nothing kan?

Ermm.. I thought I had write this crap before. But.. what the heck.


  1. Oh okay. This is your new blog? I guess you have a new life and that's why you need a new blog. continue writing and we will continue reading. Cheerio!

  2. hi willie, that's part of the reason, symbolically it's a new fresh start for us. thanks for the support especially from fellow blogger like you that makes me want to continue..

  3. it doesnt matter what u write. i always thought and believed that a blog is about being written, not about being read. :-) well like u told me sumuk, er i mean Nimi, keep writing. we read, even tho sometimes we dont always leave comments. :-)

  4. hehe..

    that's a nice way of putting it coffee girl. me too, i don't normally leave comment on other's blog too, maybe that's the reason for the lack of comment on my blog. am not so worry about that. but i still visits other blogs esp those in my blogroll religiously.