Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pekan Bekenu, Miri

A week before the recent Raya Haji, we were looking for ideas for more interesting places and small town to discover within driving distance on a day trip around Miri on Sunday. We packed all the kids stuff within 30mins on deciding to go out, drove around aimlessly around the city to look for an impromptu idea, but ended up in Merdeka Mall! Duh, of all places..

Pekan Bekenu's Landmark, the Palm Fruit
So the next Saturday prior to Raya Haji, after the leason I learnt from the previous week, I started asking my Mirian colleagues to recommend a good place to drive to 'just to check out some fresh local fish or vegetables'. Our tea lady recommend Pekan Bekenu as it is not very far and I should checked out their Pasar Tamu.

We went to Pekan Bekenu on Raya Haji (15 October 2013), which is about 45mins drive from Miri city via the Bintulu-Miri coastal road. When we reached there, I was dissappointed to find out that the Bekenu Wet Market was closed. Of course, the fishermen were Malays, silly me, sure they need the holiday.

Anyway I did not go back empty handed as there were still some vegetable and dry condiment seller at the Pasar Tamu next to the wet market. I bought daun sabong, green chilies to make this dish and also bamboo shoot to be stir-fried. All will be featured in my Sarawak Ethnic Cuisine blog.

We hung around abt 2-3 hours more in the pekan and had our lunch at a nearby seafood shop. Nothing much to see, but interesting nevertheless. Hopefully next time if I were to come here, I can get to visit the Wet Market.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lambir National Park, Miri

Our trip to Lambir National Park, Miri was on 1 September, 2013.

We passed by this national park few times before when we went to see my sister in Bintulu. This time, since we have a short holiday due to National Day, we thought why not bring the kids to experience the jungle themselves.

Marion getting all ready for a trekking

Entrance to the trail.
 There are 5 waterfalls in this National Park, but we choose the nearest and easiest as we are with kids, which is Latak Waterfall.

 The only way to bring a baby for a trekking is to babywear them. Baby stroller is pretty useless here lol!!

 I chose to hip-carry using ring sling instead of piggy back as I would not be able to see if any insects were to bite her if I do. Poor my baby!

Suspended bridge

Love the lush jungle. Easy trail for family trekkers like us

Latak Waterfall.
This waterfall is not that majestic and nobody can swim near the waterfall base as it is close to public for safety reason. Someday when we are stronger and more ready, will try to explore other waterfall locations.

Marion playing with the sands.

Marion loves playing with the (muddy) sands and got to get wet on the stream under her daddy's watchful eyes. Overall we really enjoyed the trail and Marion got excited by the sounds made by the creatures in the jungle, something that she does not get to experience often. We may even choose to come back and stay here for a night just to get away from the city.

More information on Lambir National Park : http://www.sarawakforestry.com/htm/snp-np-lambir.html

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update from Miri

Very long time I have not blog about anything. There are so much thing going on in my life at this moment. Before I move to Miri, I imagined that life would be less stressful, I will go through a more laidback lifestyle and even have more time to travel to places. Half true. Miri itself is a pretty laidback town, but my life in fact was not getting any of it. My new works is much more hectic than when I was in KL. I am working 5 and half days a week-every week and working late is very common. I miss my Saturday as the half days are just like any other weekdays, the only difference is I can dress down, and I can get to see my girls while the sun is still up. I truly looking forward to any public holiday eventhough its just one day cos I can get to hug, kiss and be around them. Family time become more and more precious.

Oh well, here I am. I am not complaining (well, a bit).. but it's still lovely to be on my home ground. Miri is not a big town, you can finish a whole tour in within a day. Of course, the good thing is its so convenient to go anywhere, and Miri offer almost everything that KL can offer although in smaller scale. I exaggerated a bit there, but I can have every thing that I need here, and make do with whatever that we can get.

Update about my expanding family; the daddy is 'blending' well and hard at work, busier than ever. Marion who is about to turn 3 yo next month has reached so many milestones-if only I can slow her down a bit... At almost 3, she can expressed herself quite well with such a huge vocabulary and amazing understanding of linguistic, she can read quite a number of words and numbers up to 30, she can count, sing, and most recently, write (A&B) and able to take her own potty and do her own poo-poo pee pee business without any reminder or assistance.She can become so cute and adorable, and a little monster at the turn of a switch. As for the 11month old little sister Marilyn, she has brought as much joy to us as how her big sister was to us. Bright smile, sparkly big eyes and not much fuss and so easy to look after. Although her development rate may not be as fast as Marion was, I am not as 'kan-cheong' as before because I just want her to follow her own pace.

I hope that I can update on places we went and will discover while we are still here. There are lots of places we went that we loved very much and would love to share with everyone.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big News from Me

I can virtually see spiderweb in my blog here. Facebook nowadays seems to be easier to handle than the blog, I don't have to blah blah blah too long. Just snap here and there, caption, then that's it, it's an update. However, since my Facebook is in private setting, I think it should be fair enough to give some updates here today. Too many things had happened since the last time I wrote (in June, 2012). Maybe it shall be easier just to list them down..

1. We are expecting another baby! In fact, it's in 2 months time, how fast times flies. In the early stage of my pregnancy, I thought I'll be getting a boy, but when the scan was clear enough to see, doc has been saying that she's expecting a girl. However, on last Saturday during my 7th months check-up, she thought she saw some 'testi' in between the legs. Haha! Next check-up will be confirmed again during 4D scan, but either way will be definitely fine with us :D

2. I just resigned from my current job. For the first time ever, it is not because I want to.

3. It is because we are going to move to Miri, Sarawak! After 15 years in Klang Valley and called it my second home, finally I will be returning to Sarawak for good.

4. Right now, I am trying to free myself from any work, although my official physical last day is 2nd Nov. 2012. I do love my job, but laziness comes in the package along with pregnancy I guess :D

5. Slowly giving away/selling stuffs that we don't need or too troublesome to bring back to Sarawak. The house we are staying right now will be rented out, most probably fully or partially furnished, depending on what we can bring back or give away.

6. One way ticket to Kuching for me is on 4th Nov. 2012. I can't wait to join my daughter there, she is doing very well with my parents-in-law and getting cheeky and smarter everyday!

7. Once I delivered and finished my confinement in Kuching after CNY, me, Marion and the new baby will be joining Momo in Miri.

To be honest, I do feel sad to leave KL after waiting for this opportunity for so long. But I also feel excited as everyone has been saying that Miri is a great place. I do know I will miss the shopping complexes, the foods and the hype life here, but I don't see any problem in adapting to life in Miri either. My elder brother and sister are in Bintulu, just a couple of hours drive from Miri and I can make the weekend escapade anytime if I ever needed a change of air. Beach is nearby, although it can't compare to the beaches here, but I've never been much of a beach-loving person either. I couldn't help to think how things going to be there later on, but for now I just try not to think to much of it, just go along with the flow. At this moment, while taking our time to pack, I also have been shopping for kitchen stuff that I will need and I don't think I'll find in Kuching or Miri. Besides taking care of the new baby and also Marion, at least I'll try to find time to cook or bake so that life won't be too monotonous. When the time is right and if there are good job offers coming in, I definitely do not mind to go back to workforce..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Divorced at 32

My heart cried when I received the sms. I got the news from my friend herself that she just got divorced with her husband of 10 years. She became a single parent to 4 kids at the age of 32.

I have never liked the husband, somehow I just don't agree with them being together from the very beginning. I was there when they first laid eyes on each other. And she knows how I felt without me ever saying it. But I know what I think and feel does not mean and have anything to do with them, I know this very well.

I am so glad that she shared with me her happiest time, and came to me during her hardest time. I felt honored that she thinks of me and knows that I will be there for her after all these years.

I never wished what happened to her to happen to anyone, especially myself. Nevertheless, it just made me stop and think, and to make things in my life right what has always been wrong.