Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bunga Kampung

Reading about Dama Music Award 2010 which was in the news for the past few weeks in Sarawak local newspaper, always made me think about 1 Bidayuh song which has always been my favorite. Such a simple song yet it strike right home. I know many Bidayuh ladies who can confirm to the message that was being sent through this wonderful song, it was obvious from the shy smiles which was being exchanged by Bidayuh couples whenever this song is being played. Listening to it can evoke such a powerful and sweet memories..

As it is sung in Bidayuh Jagoi, I will provide my own translation in Malay.

Bunga Kupuo (By Megaforce)
Bunga Kampung

Oh bunga kupuo di oggi daang otinku
Oh bunga kampung yang ada dalam hatiku
Di slalu ku natong daang asongku
Yang selalu ku ingat dlm jiwaku
Raan ku odi suba sikien muu
Ku berniat untuk cuba melamarmu
Pak doik manah nyam gayaku
Tapi rasanya peluangku amat tipis

Bulan bintang tong mok puan geh otto
Bulan bintang pun sudah arif tentang kita
Siniak onu oku dapod bisamah mu
Bilakah masanya ku kan dapat bersamamu
Onu rami di mo ropas ku kirin mu
Di pesta yang lepas ku melihatmu
Pak muu doi mu kirin oku
Tapi kau tak memandangku

Oh bunga kupuo sikia mun sangon
Oh bunga kampung kau sungguh ayu
Jawak ngarom slalu ku natong muu
Siang malam selalu ku teringatkan mu
Asong ku raan bisamah samah duoh muu
Hatiku ingin bersama-sama denganmu
Watki ku tanon nudu muu?
Bagaimana harus ku memberitahumu?

To me, the best part of the lyrics shall be, "Watki wat ku tanon nudu muu?" which literally means, "How should I tell you?" which actually represents a true character of a typical Bidayuh guy who have difficulty in expressing their feeling and emotion in words. Between me and Momo, this was the phrase he used when we first met and started to get to know each other. I know he was referring to this song, and I knew what it means hehe.. Hopefully he doesn't read this. He even taught his Sabahan and Malay friends this song, and the meaning of it, and they just love the melody and the meaning it carries :D

Here's the video link of this song from Youtube. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 39 - Counting Days

As of today, I am at my Week 39 and 4 days being pregnant. Feeling so much like a mommy kangaroo. I went for my weekly check-up at Kuching Specialist Hospital yesterday, and baby position is back to head down, facing down position. But as my amniotic fluid still sufficient, baby still have space to move around and change position anytime. The doc was in quite a hurry because the lady before me was in the midst of a labor and had to be warded, so I had forgotten to ask about baby's weight. My own weight is 84.4kg, back to my Week 37 weight. As I have no medical history, my doc was not so worried and will be seeing me in a week time (5th Nov), passing my estimated due date on 2nd Nov, Tuesday next week. It is very common for a first time mother to pass their due date up to Week 42.

Touch wood but if I still don't get any sign by Friday next week, I might want to go to be induced by the following Tuesday 9th Nov (exactly at Week 41) as I don't want any complication to arise, or the baby to grow to big to be deliver varginally. Oh my sweet baby, please help mommy kay? Everybody in the family is eager for the baby's arrival and start calling me to find out how am I doing. We had finished assembling the cot and crib, and baby's clothes also have been taken out from the dust bag, into the drawers in anticipation of the arrival.

Luckily for the past one week Kuching has been raining and it's getting cooler and bearable. I was hoping it to be that way as I cannot imagine how to go through my confinement in a hot weather. I have always felt very warm and sometimes sweat in an aircond room in my last trimesters, and I look forward to feel my usual self again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 38 - Waiting in Anticipation

Another 8 days to go for my due date.
Cepatla keluar baby. Mummy and daddy really couldn't wait to see you..

Last Friday check-up, baby is already 3.45 kg, while mummy is 83.4kg, dropped 1kg from Week 37. Doctor said that my chances of normal delivery is still good as the scanned weight and her quick check on my stomach is very encouraging. It's too bad that baby had missed the daddy's birthday last Friday, otherwise that will be the greatest birthday gift ever!! :)

Right now, for every small twitches I felt on my tummy, I was hoping it would lead to a contraction, but no such luck. I am watching out for any signs of bleeding or water breaking, and yet nothing is happening at the moment. On week 36, baby head position is already facing down and low, although it hasnt engaged on my pelvic area. On Week 37 though, on the early morning of Momo's birthday last Friday, I had noticed that the top of my belly flatten out and spreading side way, and doc confirmed from the scan that the baby is lying on the side. Mmm.. a way of telling mummy, baby is not ready to come out. Doc has advised me to walk especially in the evening and do some crawling exercise to encourage the baby to be in the correct position.The swelling on my feet reduced tremendously since the past weeks, and that may have explained the dropped in my weight.

Last Saturday I had attended the Antenatal Class conducted FOC by Kuching Specialist Hospital. It was a very useful class especially for a first time parents like me. I wished Momo was there with me though. We received lots of free gifts from baby and mother care products suppliers. For those who have never attended an antenatal class before, I really encourage you to go if there is a chance as there are a lot of things you can learn and asked during the session.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 36 - Can I have a bit of Your Courtesy Please?

Safely arrive in Kuching at about 11pm last Thursday. Went to Kuching Specialist the next day and had my first appointment at 36th Week with Dr. Wendy Loh.


Despite the complaints I have abt being heavily pregnant, I cannot deny I do enjoy the attention and special treatment given for a pregnant woman. For example when onboard, we get to board the plane first, we were given a pillow and a blanket without being asked, we get to have the meal before everyone else, and we have special lane for immigration check. Not to mention many others e.g shopping malls and public transport. These are little tiny perks but one I truly appreciate especially now that I got to know first hand why it is important for us.

A lot of people however did not understand how we feels, and why we were given this special privilage. It's very obvious especially when lining up at the priority cashier counter meant for preggers, elders and handicapped people, they just hog the lane without even bothering to offer us to cut the queue (which was in the first place not meant for them!). so far in my almost nine months being pregnant, not once an able bodied person let me cut the queue in Jusco Equine.

I am not a racial by all means (maybe in other situation, yes.. a bit) but I notice that those who are Chinese, hardly bother being courteous. Try the train during the peak hours. They, especially the teenagers just pretend not to see by being busy with whatever they have on their hands like Ipod, Iphone etc. Those who are the most gracious were surprisingly.. were Indian guys.. sue me.. but these are my own personal observation. Even when I was not pregnant, they have always being kind and offer helps whenever possible.

I believe, only those who have been pregnant, and men who have kids really understand why we need all these perks. Majority of pregnant women were going through a major physical changes, both internally and in appearance, which makes them much weaker and vulnerable compare to their normal self. It's especially getting worse when it's nearer to the last part of the third trimester. With a big tummy, swelling legs and bodies full of water, One can hardly walk, what more to stand. Their energy level dropped to almost 40%.

Not to mention the rude stares with a smirk at our belly that we do get sometimes, as though we are a freak with a humongous tummy which will explode at anytime and excrete the aftermath at them.

Sometimes, when I met people who are just plain rude to us, I'll silently curse them that one day they'll have it worse than us. I always believe that a curse from a woman who is carrying an unborn child, is very powerful. So if one day you encounter a pregnant woman, try treat them with respect and courtesy, and be extra nice ya *wink*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 35 - Stabilizing

Last Friday was supposed to be my last prenatal check-up at SJMC, but I needed to see the doctor this Thursday to do the CTG test based on something I had experienced during my 5th and 6th month, which I had forgotten to tell her all this while. I hope the test will turn out fine. Doc also did a vjj swab test to see whether I am at the risk of having a Group B Streptococcus, which can lead to death to newborn baby after few hours of delivery if not being treated.

Our stat on 35th week:
Mommy's weight : From 80.6kg to 81.7kg (increase total of 1.1kg in 2 weeks) pheww :D
Baby's weight : From 2.7kg to 3.0kg (increase 0.3kg)

Both of us gain weight just fine, after a panic moment from the last visit. Doc said from now our weight and baby progress will stabilize since baby is already snugged in my belly with limited space to grow.

As everyone know, last Thursday was my last working day at my workplace. A day before, I suddenly felt so overwhelm with sadness, thinking of the next day will be the last day I ever stepped my foot there. That office has been like a home to me..

My boss had organized a simple farewell lunch for me the next day. I did choke for a moment during my farewell speech.. i had to keep it short and sweet. And when the time comes to leave, I could not muster the guts to shake hand with anyone because tears already welled up in my eyes. All these while, they have seen me as a colleague with a tough demeanor, and I didn't want them to see me otherwise. Honestly, I bawled my head off when I reached the car. I did not expect to be that sad at all... *sigh*

Now I just need to concentrate on preparing physically and mentally for the baby's arrival. Most of the things that I needed for my confinement have been settled, so does the baby needs and as of today I am already 90% finished with our packing and will be ready by the time for our flight back to Kuching on Thursday night!