Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 38 - Waiting in Anticipation

Another 8 days to go for my due date.
Cepatla keluar baby. Mummy and daddy really couldn't wait to see you..

Last Friday check-up, baby is already 3.45 kg, while mummy is 83.4kg, dropped 1kg from Week 37. Doctor said that my chances of normal delivery is still good as the scanned weight and her quick check on my stomach is very encouraging. It's too bad that baby had missed the daddy's birthday last Friday, otherwise that will be the greatest birthday gift ever!! :)

Right now, for every small twitches I felt on my tummy, I was hoping it would lead to a contraction, but no such luck. I am watching out for any signs of bleeding or water breaking, and yet nothing is happening at the moment. On week 36, baby head position is already facing down and low, although it hasnt engaged on my pelvic area. On Week 37 though, on the early morning of Momo's birthday last Friday, I had noticed that the top of my belly flatten out and spreading side way, and doc confirmed from the scan that the baby is lying on the side. Mmm.. a way of telling mummy, baby is not ready to come out. Doc has advised me to walk especially in the evening and do some crawling exercise to encourage the baby to be in the correct position.The swelling on my feet reduced tremendously since the past weeks, and that may have explained the dropped in my weight.

Last Saturday I had attended the Antenatal Class conducted FOC by Kuching Specialist Hospital. It was a very useful class especially for a first time parents like me. I wished Momo was there with me though. We received lots of free gifts from baby and mother care products suppliers. For those who have never attended an antenatal class before, I really encourage you to go if there is a chance as there are a lot of things you can learn and asked during the session.


  1. im getting excited too!! cepat gik keluar baby...

  2. aku pernah merasa saat sangat...bila isteri dah masuk wad..aku pula yang berpeluh2 di luar wad...bila baby dah keluar..wah!!!!! comel nyer!!!!!!!!!

    all da best...Nimi...godbless

  3. hi dear..hope everything goes well :) luv to hear ur deliver story soon...

  4. coffee girl : this baby really has mind on it's own grrr... haha..

    norris : hey, thanks for leaving a comment. yea.. now i know how it feels.. so seksa.. but i keep on imaging the first time i would see the baby..

    mama zara : thanks for leaving a comment. i will definitely. it would be something i would never want to forget ever.