Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 35 - Stabilizing

Last Friday was supposed to be my last prenatal check-up at SJMC, but I needed to see the doctor this Thursday to do the CTG test based on something I had experienced during my 5th and 6th month, which I had forgotten to tell her all this while. I hope the test will turn out fine. Doc also did a vjj swab test to see whether I am at the risk of having a Group B Streptococcus, which can lead to death to newborn baby after few hours of delivery if not being treated.

Our stat on 35th week:
Mommy's weight : From 80.6kg to 81.7kg (increase total of 1.1kg in 2 weeks) pheww :D
Baby's weight : From 2.7kg to 3.0kg (increase 0.3kg)

Both of us gain weight just fine, after a panic moment from the last visit. Doc said from now our weight and baby progress will stabilize since baby is already snugged in my belly with limited space to grow.

As everyone know, last Thursday was my last working day at my workplace. A day before, I suddenly felt so overwhelm with sadness, thinking of the next day will be the last day I ever stepped my foot there. That office has been like a home to me..

My boss had organized a simple farewell lunch for me the next day. I did choke for a moment during my farewell speech.. i had to keep it short and sweet. And when the time comes to leave, I could not muster the guts to shake hand with anyone because tears already welled up in my eyes. All these while, they have seen me as a colleague with a tough demeanor, and I didn't want them to see me otherwise. Honestly, I bawled my head off when I reached the car. I did not expect to be that sad at all... *sigh*

Now I just need to concentrate on preparing physically and mentally for the baby's arrival. Most of the things that I needed for my confinement have been settled, so does the baby needs and as of today I am already 90% finished with our packing and will be ready by the time for our flight back to Kuching on Thursday night!


  1. U will be giving birth in Kuching? awesome!!! dapat i gi visit! buzz yah! :-)

  2. Yes.. baby lahir sebagai anak jati Sarawak.. :-) That's good planning.

    Not many people know it, but Sarawakian born are Malaysia's free-est citizens..

  3. Yes... semestinya 13!

    cyril, err.. what do you mean by free-est? in what way? haha..