Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 39 - Counting Days

As of today, I am at my Week 39 and 4 days being pregnant. Feeling so much like a mommy kangaroo. I went for my weekly check-up at Kuching Specialist Hospital yesterday, and baby position is back to head down, facing down position. But as my amniotic fluid still sufficient, baby still have space to move around and change position anytime. The doc was in quite a hurry because the lady before me was in the midst of a labor and had to be warded, so I had forgotten to ask about baby's weight. My own weight is 84.4kg, back to my Week 37 weight. As I have no medical history, my doc was not so worried and will be seeing me in a week time (5th Nov), passing my estimated due date on 2nd Nov, Tuesday next week. It is very common for a first time mother to pass their due date up to Week 42.

Touch wood but if I still don't get any sign by Friday next week, I might want to go to be induced by the following Tuesday 9th Nov (exactly at Week 41) as I don't want any complication to arise, or the baby to grow to big to be deliver varginally. Oh my sweet baby, please help mommy kay? Everybody in the family is eager for the baby's arrival and start calling me to find out how am I doing. We had finished assembling the cot and crib, and baby's clothes also have been taken out from the dust bag, into the drawers in anticipation of the arrival.

Luckily for the past one week Kuching has been raining and it's getting cooler and bearable. I was hoping it to be that way as I cannot imagine how to go through my confinement in a hot weather. I have always felt very warm and sometimes sweat in an aircond room in my last trimesters, and I look forward to feel my usual self again.

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