Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 36 - Can I have a bit of Your Courtesy Please?

Safely arrive in Kuching at about 11pm last Thursday. Went to Kuching Specialist the next day and had my first appointment at 36th Week with Dr. Wendy Loh.


Despite the complaints I have abt being heavily pregnant, I cannot deny I do enjoy the attention and special treatment given for a pregnant woman. For example when onboard, we get to board the plane first, we were given a pillow and a blanket without being asked, we get to have the meal before everyone else, and we have special lane for immigration check. Not to mention many others e.g shopping malls and public transport. These are little tiny perks but one I truly appreciate especially now that I got to know first hand why it is important for us.

A lot of people however did not understand how we feels, and why we were given this special privilage. It's very obvious especially when lining up at the priority cashier counter meant for preggers, elders and handicapped people, they just hog the lane without even bothering to offer us to cut the queue (which was in the first place not meant for them!). so far in my almost nine months being pregnant, not once an able bodied person let me cut the queue in Jusco Equine.

I am not a racial by all means (maybe in other situation, yes.. a bit) but I notice that those who are Chinese, hardly bother being courteous. Try the train during the peak hours. They, especially the teenagers just pretend not to see by being busy with whatever they have on their hands like Ipod, Iphone etc. Those who are the most gracious were surprisingly.. were Indian guys.. sue me.. but these are my own personal observation. Even when I was not pregnant, they have always being kind and offer helps whenever possible.

I believe, only those who have been pregnant, and men who have kids really understand why we need all these perks. Majority of pregnant women were going through a major physical changes, both internally and in appearance, which makes them much weaker and vulnerable compare to their normal self. It's especially getting worse when it's nearer to the last part of the third trimester. With a big tummy, swelling legs and bodies full of water, One can hardly walk, what more to stand. Their energy level dropped to almost 40%.

Not to mention the rude stares with a smirk at our belly that we do get sometimes, as though we are a freak with a humongous tummy which will explode at anytime and excrete the aftermath at them.

Sometimes, when I met people who are just plain rude to us, I'll silently curse them that one day they'll have it worse than us. I always believe that a curse from a woman who is carrying an unborn child, is very powerful. So if one day you encounter a pregnant woman, try treat them with respect and courtesy, and be extra nice ya *wink*


  1. Wah, mesti u rasa mok pregrant hari2 mun camya hooo. Hahahaha. I'm glad ur looking at this positively. Hope the baby knows what the mommy went thru for her/him.

  2. Hi. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. You have not long to go now! eheheh... wishing you all the best.

    Here there are special seats for pregnant women the elderly and the disable on our trains and buses and NO ONE who is not the 3 are able to seat on this seats.

  3. coffee girl: kalau boleh pura2 pregnant kan best hahah!!

    Feli : thanks for dropping by. Congratulation on your new family member :) I know, lots of people here can be quite ignorant, they just pretend not to see. It can be a bit sad, but we always suffer in silence when met with these kind of people as we did not want to create a scene.