Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Evening at Lutong Beach, Miri

Well.. i think Miri is not exactly famous for its beaches, it was not a shout about as compared to our lucky neighbor, KK. If only we have like what KK is having, I believe Miri is gonna be one of the favorite places to live, work and play besides Penang. Since I had personally promised to myself to learn looking at my own land from the eyes of a tourist, I learnt to appreciate little thing. My own hometown in Bau, was pretty far from the beach location, and I could still remember those fun days spent at the beach. What cant go wrong when staying near the beach, is the sunset and it is what I always enjoyed the most.

Here's our pix spending time wt the kids when Momo the daddy was back in town on the very rare weekend 💙