Friday, May 20, 2011

The Effects of Sterilization to MAM Feeding Teats

During Marion's stay in KPJ, we were provided by the hospital with cold sterilization (tablet form) to sterilize her MAM feeding bottles. Despite the chlorine smell, seeing how convenient it was, I went out and buy Pureen brand sterilizing tablet (RM26.90 per pack of 52 tablets) upon her discharge.

Prior to her admission, I was boiling her MAM bottles since I had left my beloved Little Bean steam sterilizer back in KL. I had noticed that the bottle teat change slightly from clear to slightly frosted, but it will turn normal after a while. Whereas I never encountered this situation with the steam sterilizer.

Then again, when I start to use the cold sterilization, somehow the teat became seriously frosted in a matter of a month, but I continue to use as I didn't find it brittle. Momo also started to notice it, but I just brushed it off. However, seeing how Marion started to drink less milk lately, I became a bit concern, and decided to stop using the tablet and switched back to boil the bottles and the accessories.

And see what happen...

From right to left:
1. New MAM teat (All Teat No. 2)
2. MAM Teat after constant heating/upon 1 week cold sterilization
3. MAM teat severely frosted after cold sterilization, and get the burned color after subsequent boiling

I am not sure exactly what happen, but my suspicion was that the teat has weaken after the boiling process, and it react with the chlorine contained in the tablet. The burnt color from the subsequent boiling process was because it has penetrated into the teat itself. I had no choice but to throw it away, no way I'm gonna let Marion use it anymore.

It was a blessing in disguise after all, as I only have Teat No.3 with me. I tried it on Marion, at first she choked a bit due to the faster flow, but she managed to control it after a few gulps. Smart baby.. And because of that, she drank a lot more faster and without realizing it, drank more milk than usual. Thank God for that.