Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Have We Been Up to this past 2.5months?

Oh wow. It is my first post for the year. And it's already February. Gosh... time past by so fast.. i wish my bank loans can finish as fast... it seems to be neverending...

What's up with me since my last post? Well.. some is good, but for the most part of it, not really.

In between mid-December to mid February, my baby-sitter stop looking after Marion to take care of his husband fulltime just after Christmas. We lost an aunty to cancer on 2nd Jan, my youngest brother was admitted to SGH for burn-accident at his workplace on 4th February which involved mostly on his face and right hand, and now Marion is in Kuching and not with us cos we still couldn't find a babysitter. How I miss her so badly. It is not that we haven't tried to consider the option of sending her to nursery, but when I see the condition of other kids at the nursery that we checked out, I just couldn't bring myself to leave my baby there. I am not saying that they don't take good care of children under their care, but ... there were so many kids compare to the minders ratio.. and they can't possibly be able to focus on my daughter's wellbeing.. my heart goes out to the little babies who cried and nobody picked them up to sooth them soon enough. At least my daughter can play by herself and quite socialized in a way and does not need to be attended all the time, but still....

Other than that, despite our hectic life with works and our travelling back and forth to Kuching, we have a good health, there is a new prospect for Momo on the way (cross finger) and I am able to reduce my weight with 4kg more to go to my pre-pregnancy weight. Now I really understand what it truly means to be able to wear your old jeans post pregnancy :D I would love to make domestic travel plans, and fulfill our promise to bring Marion to Universal Studio in Singapore by her 2nd birthday, but things are quite uncertain when we still could not find a babysitter, better still a full-time maid. But if there is an irresistable travel offer by our company to oversea destination esp Europe, I will definitely considered it. Marion's development progress has gone very well and we are so proud of her. She could point out her body parts and her vocabulary improved day by day. My struggle with teaching her to drink from the straw was over after I stopped trying for about a couple of weeks, then suddenly I managed to show her the trick and it was smooth sailing once she figured it out. And now there's no more spill *happy*

I would like to take this chance to congratulate a blogger friend, Coffee Girl whom I've met and I personally adore. Her post was featured in Sarawak mainstream local newspaper and to be honest, I seriously think that her writing is more interesting than some of the feature writers in the The Star. She will do very well indeed, and I really hope she get to publish her own books one day, if only she get to be kicked at the bum real hard and start getting serious in her writing. Her writer's block excuses is getting lame. I know she'll be reading this, but anyway, congrates girl!