Friday, March 12, 2010

The More The Merrier

I'm so happy to hear one of my BFF is pregnant too! My little one has so many friends even before getting out to see the world. 2 of my nieces just gave birth last January and February, my own sister gave birth last week, Momo's cousin will deliver this August, Momo's biker friend is awaiting for their twins delivery early July, and now my BFF? Wow.... So many tigers! Roar!

LATEST UPDATE (13/3/10):
1. My nephew's wife is also expecting and estimated to be due this August. That's make 5 baby tigers and tigresses at my parents house comes Christmas.
2. 2 of my colleagues from other subsidiaries are expected to deliver this June and November respectively.

phew.. it's getting a bit overwhelming...


  1. let our former PM vision achieved

  2. When u said so many tigers... teringat aku dengan watak Alex in Madagascar ... cheeky tigers huhuhu. Bila ko due? September?

  3. Hehe.. Im expected to be due on early Nov. same as my friend. that's y i'm so excited!

    rambo: yea. imagine so many alexes in madagascar 2 hehe! havoc!

  4. haha.. all very "Active" in the year of the tiger eh.. =P

  5. that's what u call "rezeki' maaaa.. haha..

  6. When I read this post, one thing came to mind and it was : "Is it mating time for the humans?"

    I just can't help it, I teach Biology.. LOL!

  7. jue ... I like to move it move it ... hehehe

  8. cyril : maybe. but to me, i think its a good time also cos we have just gone thru the worst part of economic crisis for this decade, and next year is just perfect to start off with offsprings. the timing is correct, just like its a good timing to buy property this year.

    rambo: i think my parents will had a hard time identifying the babies muahaha..