Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ellen Shouldn't Be There

...being the American Idol judge.

1. She is not funny at all. Never been.

2. Her comments are all layman.

3. She always repeats her words in every comment as if she has 1-minute memory lapse.

4. She always repeats her comments every weeks.

5. She knows nut about music.

She's so amatuer, it's becoming annoying and irritating every week watching her there. She should just stick to whatever she has been doing before, which I don't really care what it was anyway.


  1. I can't agree more sis! She's better off somewhere else, in any other talent show of talk shows and stuff i guess.

  2. aok eh. everytime she made comments, i just can't wait for the frame to move away from her. i don't have a clue what she is there for?