Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 9 - Well Rested

Finally, I got the rest I had truly deserved.

Albeit in different style.

I was so exhausted on Tuesday morning I decided that I'm going to make a visit to the clinic nearby to get my MC. Started having bad wretching until all the acid from my stomach came out by lunch hour.

Vomitted again while having evening shower. I saw something dark came out, but I don't remember eating anything dark. In the middle of dinner with Momo, everything that went in, came out back again, including........

fresh red blood.


Shaken and crying, asking Momo for confirmation. He was equally shaken. Rushed out to clinic, got our referal letter. Came back home to pack just in case I need to be warded. Reached SJMC by 10+, immediately being ushered from the registration to the Emergency Room. Put on drips and given strong anti-vomit medication. Been warded eversince and finally being discharged today.

I was given additional 1-week for home-rest and will come again for follow-up visit. Hope next week will be a better week for me. Pls don't tell me otherwise, let me keep whatever remaining positive spirit I had left in me.

Happy Easter!


  1. rest well, hope that you'll get better soon XD

    anyway, saw your blog from s'wak blogger :D

  2. get well soon :) get all the rest u need ..