Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 12 - Home

When I was discharged on Wednesday and received another 1 week MC, I decided to go back to Kuching. Went to office on Friday to handover some urgent matters and also getting approval for additional 2 days leave. By 4pm, left office and went straight to airport.

I was quite well for the whole week I spent in Kuching. I ate more than usual and quite enjoyed the food in fact. I got almost every home cooked food that I been silently craving.

My nausea started back on Friday, the day I was supposed to fly back to KL. It must have been the stress of thinking about getting back to work. My condition returned back to square one that night when I was at home.

I started work yesterday and lots of thing to catch up. At least my boss tried his best to let me delegate most of my things to other staffs, and what i need to do is just to check their works. But still it's all a bit too much for me.

Our HR manager has advised me that if I am not ready to get back to work, it's best that we sit down together with my boss and tried to get unpaid leave and come back only when I am ready. Worst come to worst, I will consider resigning as my last option if the situation continue as it is. Let's see for these few days how it goes.


  1. oh gee... i do hope things will get better for you.

  2. Hmm, do not consider resigning too soon dear. Some people I know said, during the first trimester the nausea and morning sickness can be quite bad. But entering 2nd trimester and then 3rd trimester, things will be fine. Sik dapat nak nasihat lebih sebab sikda pengalaman agik. Hahaha

    Hmm... however, masa di form six, we came across one article that said if you have bad nausea/morning or allergy during your first trimester, most probably your child banyak ikut Daddy hehehe (your body reacting to different gene maaa).

  3. jgn resign...be tough...cheers.....

  4. resign? come on girl, ur tougher than that. hang on hang on... like u, the baby is adjusting too (mun betullah kata rambomadonna ya, haha). hope u both will be fine by the 2nd trimester.

  5. its already 18 may... wonder how ur doing.. hope ur well..


  6. willie & mie: thank you. it's harder than it looks and sounds, but i still have to move on and live my day to day

    fonsusz & coffee girl : you are telling me something that no need telling my dear friend. just pray that your wife, or yourself does not have to go what i went through, because i'm telling you that it was pure hell.

    cyril : i survived. i felt better now thanks.