Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 15 - Light At The End of Tunnel

Yep. Here I am, I survived my first trimester.

You may be wondering of my absence since the last post from the Week 12. Let me just put it briefly (or not so brief I guess).

2 days after I started work (the day I posted my Week 12 post), that evening I was in such a bad state I could not drive myself back. Momo was on the way meeting his friend in Midvalley, and he had to turn back to Putrajaya station to pick up his car and another friend to drive my car back. The moment I reached the car after waited for 2 hours, I was retching badly all the way home. I was so weak I couldn't eat, and immediately slept being too exhausted until the next morning. I took MC the next day. On Thursday, I felt slightly better and went to work. HR and my bos had given me green light to take 1-month extra leave, on condition that I hang in there until Friday. But slowly approaching noon, the stress from reading and correcting technical documents on my laptop was proved to be too much for me. Plus, my HR had just finished calculating my MC and I was furious and did not agree with their figure. If they stood by their calculation, I would loose almost 1 month salary from the extended leave. But that would be a story for another day.

On Friday, I went to work again, worried more of the consequences to my leave if I didn't. By then, I was unable to function at all. I sat slumped on my chair the whole day, staring blankly at nothing in the meeting room while controlling my guts from coming out. Half an hour before office hour finished, I just left because I know if I don't, I would be facing the jam and that would be enough for me to break down and would never reach home.

My condition worsen over the weekend as I could not hold anything on my stomach for more than 5 minutes, including water. My weight started to drop steadily, within 10 days I had lost 5 kg just by breathing and did nothing. By Tuesday (4th May), when my weight dropped 1 kg within a day, badly dehydrated and my mind started to play tricks on me, I knew that it's time to stop being tough and called Momo at work that he need to send me to hospital asap. Went to clinic to get my referral letter, with one look at me the gynea told me to go to hospital immediately to be warded. Went to ER at SJMC, and straight away admitted for the 3rd time.

This time, my recovery took slightly longer because I have taken longer time to seek for treatment. I did so because I was affected by so many opinion of the so called experience and non experience women that I had to toughen up and I 'SHOULD' controlled it, whereas I very well knew that I had Hyperemisis Gravidarum and what other majority pregnant women experience is different than mine. Again, I will explained that in another post, but for those who are interested, pls click on the link so that you understand better what I am actually going through and avoid giving the wrong advices to sufferer like us.

I actually had bought a return flight tix back to Kuching on 6th May, but I was warded from 4th May and discharged on the 9th. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) automatically cancelled the tix that I bought cash, including my return flight from Kuching to KL on 21st just because I didn't show up on the 6th. That is another reason to add to my mental stress, gosh. Talk about that later lah.

So I finally made it to Kuching on 12th after I made sure that I was strong enough to make it for the 1hr45min flight trip (this time Airasia, thank you). The moment I reached the KIA airport, I felt 10 times better than what I went through the past 1 week. During my 1 week stay, not even once I ever vomited, not even the sensation. I took the chance to eat as much as I could to gain my weight and my strength back. Everybody at home told me to just say and eat what my heart, or actually my stomach desire, and that's exactly what I did.

Now I am at my in-laws place awaiting for my flight on Monday, and I would have follow-up appointment at SJMC on Thursday. Right now besides light nausea in the morning and the occasional tiredness, I felt just fine and normal again.

I'll be going back for Gawai, and that trip back next week shall be with Momo :). Can't wait to meet up with my big family.

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