Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 16 - First Gawai

I'm back in Kuching using 1.50pm flight today, along with Momo.

Yesterday check up at SJMC was quite a long wait, but the moment we saw the ultrasound scan of the baby showing everything is all well and I am putting slightly a bit of weight (despite the food binging I did at my parent's house last week), we were all smiles and let out a happy sigh. 2 weeks ago, I was suffering and yet now I could barely remember what had happened, except when a mild nausea strike once in a while. The doc had confirmed the baby's sex about 90% now, but I would seal my mouth here as long as I can :D

Am so excited for the Gawai celebration next week. Tomorrow we'll be in Cultural Village helping my MIL selling ethnic food and delicacies for an event being held there, and at night me and Momo will be attending a wedding dinner in town. On Sunday, Momo will spend half a day riding with his friends, and by evening we'll make a move to kampung until 2nd June to celebrate Gawai with my families. This will be the first ever Gawai for the baby :)


  1. Happy holiday and Happy Gawai to you and family.

  2. Happy Gawai to you too Jay!