Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 19 - Kick

Just so that everyone does not forget my blog ever existed, here I am alive and kicking.. well sort of. The kicking is coming more from the inside actually. Yes, I could feel some kicking by now, not so obvious but I could feel it when I put my arms on my stomach while lying down watching TV.

Yesterday went to Nilai to look for new curtain for our house. The first shop that I went in, I fall in love immediately with one grey silver Thai silk curtain sample on display. Too bad they have finish the stock. A tour check for other designs or color from the neighboring shops failed, as they all seems to be pale in comparison compare to that particular curtain that I wanted. Left Nilai empty handed. Maybe will make another visit in a week or two just to check whether they will replenish the stock, or maybe by that time I would be able to change my mind and accept some of other nice design with different material or texture. Momo is quite busy with our house renovation. Once our back extension completed by this week, we could sigh in relief for the time being and wait for the next phase in a month or two, which is the kitchen cabinet.

I am already back at work since Monday last week, and by Thursday I was already outstation in Batu Pahat, Johor attending a site coordination meeting. My appetite is in full swing, but I still avoid anything with curry that contained coconut milk for the time being.


  1. My friend just moved to Nilai to work. Hope you will find good curtains and the new curtains will brighten up your house.

  2. Well am glad that ur back and swinging (or ur appetite is). :-) Selamat Belated Gawai dayung.

  3. Willie : Yea, I know her. My house is rather small, so it's quite tricky to find suitable curtain in order to make it looks bigger.

    Coffee Girl : Thank God! Happy Belated Gawai to you too dayung!

  4. All the way to Nilai for curtains? Bagus ka?


  5. Its good that ur doing house renovation early, but curtains in Nilai.. wah.. that's far.

  6. gallivanter & cyrildason,
    nilai 3 is like a textile town. maybe this little fact is not really known all over malaysia, but even my in-laws buy their curtain in nilai 3 all the way from kuching. we were supposed to be spoilt for choice, but i only have abt 2 hours to spend, just enough for me to make 1 round tour of the shops there :)

    anyway, nilai is not really that far, the most is 30-40 mins drive (from s. kembangan). u can spend easily the same amount of time if you go places like jalan tar in kl with the jam on the weekend.