Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 11-Careful What You are Asking For

you might get it, or more.

I was hoping the doc will extend my MC during follow up visit supposedly yesterday. But by Thursday night my condition turned for the worst. I vomitted everything-i think by now you must get bored of reading about my vomitting.

By Friday, I was so weak I can't do anything except lying down in between wretching my stomach out. Thank God my MIL was around since Tuesday, she was the one doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry for me as I was not able to function at all.

Early Saturday at 4.30am, I woke up vomitting water and stomach acid, I have nothing else left. Started to get dizzy spell, indicating bad dehydration. Me and Momo left immediately to 24 hours clinic to get referal letter, and made our way to SJMC. Immediately being ushered to ER, put on drip and readmitted to Prenatal Care Ward.

I felt much better today, and doc already indicated I can be discharged by tomorrow. The pressure from the office to get my ass back to office asap is mounting by tonnes of emails I received, and panic SMSes and calls every now and then. Now they know how much I've been doing all these while, I'm sure they appreciate me more from now onwards huhu..


  1. Oh gee. That's bad. I hope you are 100% better now. The office work? It is so stressful when we have to work while we are still in a bad shape right?

  2. sounds awful... but hope u get better...