Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Was Life Like At that Time

Oh ya..before I myself forget. Let me just jot down my peculiar behavior during my pregnancy with Marion, so that I can compare it in the future *God bless us*

Things that I like :
a) Homecook food, esp my mom's and my siblings cooking, esp traditional food
b) Malay food
c) Mamak food (except curry and sambal)
d) Heaping on Sunny Hill's ice-cream during the final month. Heaty..

Things that I hate :
a) Chinese food
b) Curry and laksa Sarawak
c) Soya bean & milk .. still dislike, but no more gagging
d) Fruits... until to date :(

Things that I normally don't do:
a) Super lazy to cook. I practically stop cooking since the first 2 months of pregnancy. The most I cooked was maggi mee for myself if Momo too tired to go out to buy food.
b) Lazy to do ironing, cleaning, laundry etc. To think of it, I was just too tired to stand up on my feet.
c) No more shopping. No mood..

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