Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Make Crispy Pork Rind (Lanyih)

Crispy Pork Rind/Lanyih

Pork rind (or Lanyih in Iban language) is actually the part of pork with lots of skin and the fat. It resulted from that pork skin and fat fried in its own oil and separate into pork lard and crispy crackling pork rind. When I was small, my mother likes to add this pork into vegetable soup, it tasted and smell divine. It also can be taken on its own as a snack. In Chinese hawker stall, you normally find these small pork rind bits in your char kuey teow, dry pork mee etc.

I always found the pork rind sold in packets in Pasar Bau, Sarawak to be a bit smelly and I do not like them (in it's uncooked form). That was until I tasted a homemade pork rind done by Momo's grandmother. It was the best I have ever tasted, we could just munch on it on its own. It never crossed my mind that we could actually do it ourselves. Since Momo also knew how to do it, I have been bugging him to buy pork fats for me to try, and that was about 3 years ago. Finally he bought it for me last Sunday.

Its very easy to do. What we need is just a kilo of pork fats. That cost us RM10/kg. The lady pork seller has already cut it nicely into small bits, just nice to sprinkle on your char kuey teow, but I would not mind for a bigger pieces either.

Clean and dry it. Sprinkle just a pinch of salt.

Heat up wok. Once it's hot, lower down to medium low fire. Dry fry the pork fats. Pls excuse the dark wok *shy*

You can fry it in big batches. It was my first try, so I was just being safe. Then just let the stuff cook away. You can see that the pork rind and the pork lard slowly separating. It's done when the pork rind turn gold color. Drain the excess oil from the pork rind using paper towel.

For a kg of pork fats, you can get almost a kg of pork lard. Keep this for when you stir fry vegetables.

And the resulting crispy pork rind, about 4 cups, and to be kept in an airtight container. Yummy... Add this to my maggi mee, mmg sodap!!


  1. The oil from the frying (the lard) boleh pakai masuk sup sayur. yummy! my dad likes to do this in his spare time, batches of canister for it, then we all tukang ngabisnya. ahhaha

  2. dunno macam mok ketawa jak ku nangga post ko tok, nang authentic la masakan korang tok.
    Kakak ku suka juak makan benda tok,
    nya slalu beli 1 satu tempat special mane ntah...area penrissen, tempat lain nya padah sik nyaman. Gue tumpang makan jak.

  3. coffee girl: grupp grup grup...

    lvynana: sekda la aunthentic, mmg rami nok tauk, tapi ada juak org nok sik tauk kedak aku tok hehe.. coba gak molah kedirik. rasa sik sama, polah sendirik mmg fresh.. kebersihan terjamin..