Monday, July 4, 2011

Main Masak Masak

Honestly, i have been a bit quiet recently in the blog but hey im still around. I got a renew enthusiasm for cooking at the moment, as I know once I get back to join the workforce, these days of culinary experimentation will literally be over. I have not just learning how to cook better, but also on how to do better food photography. I don't know where it's gonna bring me, but at least my hubby is a one happy man right now eheh, He not just get to eat good food, but also get the chance to practice his photography skill using his new dSLR (ahemm). I've been slowing down these few days as I need to get ready to be called for interview. I did not apply much this time around, I already got one appointment from a MNC who headhunted me, and I just sent my cv to my ex-company biggest competitor. Serve them right if i able to get it. Anyway, wish me luck, i badly needed one right now!


  1. Masak tu masak jugak... share-share la gambar... pakai ku meliur sorang2. hehe

    Good luck! when u get it, party lagi!!!

  2. gambar dlm fesbuk la dayung. segan maok ngkah sitok tihihi..