Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Choose Milk Powder Dispenser

When my baby was younger, she would feed few times at night so I like to prepare her milk powder with the right amount in a milk powder dispenser and put it at the bedside table. This way, I don't need to go to the kitchen and make fresh milk dispensing whenever my baby cried. This is a helpful little invention, as I can shorten the time for me to prepare her milk, make her happier and both of us can go back to sleep as soon as possible. This is the usage other than the time when I am going outdoor with my baby.

Basically, there are two types of milk powder dispenser available. One is cascading type, and one is rotating type. See the photo below.

Left to right : Cascading and rotating type of milk powder dispenser.

Here's the pros and the cons;

1. Cascading Type:
-bigger compartment with wider mouth. Easy to fill up with milk powder, that would means less spillage.
-dispensing hole at the center, thus ensure that no milk powder remains when you dispense
-easier to wash

-The compartment has to be rearranged after one of the compartment being used up. Very messy sometimes, especially when you are in a hurry or very sleepy :D

2. Rotating Type:
-Just rotate the dispensing hole (the cover) when one compartment is being used up.

-Compartment can be small, especially for dispenser which have more compartments, thus more spillage occur when you pour the milk powder. For this reason, try not to buy a dispenser which has more than 3 compartments
-Normally wider in size, thus taking up space e.g in your baby bag
-Dispensing hole is not on the center, there will be some milk powder stuck at the corner. Sometimes you have to shake it so it fall.
-Slightly more difficult to wash as it have corners.

My choice would be the rotating type just for the reasons that it is so convenient to rotate the cap. It made my life so much easier..


  1. I cuma pake took mun travelling jauh jak. Mlm ada 'tukang' tolong polah susu :)

  2. apa kata suruh tukang ya makei tok.. tapi baby besar nya ada sabar sikit. baby kecik2 tok kinek2 ya lapar baruk maok madah, so mmg polah benda semua maok express..

  3. i want to comment, but there's so much of these motherhood stuff im ignorant about. i didnt know there's a milk powder dispenser, and i didnt know there are 2 KINDS of milk powder dispenser! Haha. i guess all these knowledge will come when it's needed, yeah? *please say yes*

  4. dayung, YES!~ don't worry everyone need to start from somewhere. You'll get there!

  5. phew... that's comforting... phew...

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