Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Use Little Bean Steam Sterilizer

Since I received lots of traffic coming to my site with keywords such as 'how to use Little Bean steam sterilizer' whereas I did not put any instruction on how to, I think I might as well put it in here in the hope that it can clear new parents doubt.

I am still head over heel over the sterilizer, I don't think I can live without it. It really made my life so much easier.

This is step-by-step instruction on how to use the sterilizer.

1. Wash the bottles and wash the sterilizer. Add 90ml filtered water to the sterilizer. From my experience, 90ml is just enough to cover the steel plate on the sterilizer, so it's not necessary to measure anymore..


2. Put on the bottle rack.

3. Arrange the bottles on the rack. Since the second tier is not enough for all 6 nos of MAM bottle accessories, I attached the bottom of the bottle loosely together to the body, minus the rubber valve. Arrange the rest of the accessories on the second tier.

4. Put on the cover. Switch on the main power. Then switch on the Start button.

5. While the water in the sterilizer is boiling, there will be random numbers showing on the indicator.
When the water become steam, the countdown from 8-0 minutes will start, as shown on the indicator. This is when the sterilizing process going on. Do not touch or open the cover at this moment.

6. When the sterilizing process is complete, there will be beep sounds. After that, the number '3' will show. This means that the bottle will stay sterilized for up to 3 hours if it remains unopen.

7. You may re-sterilize by just pushing the button again by waiting at least after half an hour (eventhough for me I will do this only twice a day).
8. You must wash the sterilizer and change the water EVERY DAY. Otherwise, you may feel kinda soapy slippery on your bottles. Air dry your sterilizer after use if possible.
9. If there is accumulation of calcium deposit, pour vinegar to cover the steel plate overnight. Scrub and washed it thoroughly the next day, then use as usual.

Caution: The sterilizer is very hot during and after sterilization. Please handle with care. Make sure to cool down your feeding bottle before using.

Disclaimer : I will not be held responsible for any accident occur due to users following the instruction above. Common sense apply..

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