Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Luck Charm

Last Monday, my white gold chain broke. I did not realized that the thing inside Marion's grip was actually my heart-shape white gold pendant which was given by my hubby for my birthday this year. She dropped it and it fall into a tiny hole at my car's handbrake which I never knew existed. Out of all places... What was the odd? I felt like crying...

I actually sent my second job application last week Friday night, and I was very confident that they will call me. Call they did,on Monday morning. I was surprised it was that fast. You know what else? He asked me to go that evening itself. I was stuck for words. I told him it was too short notice, the next day (Tuesday) would be ok. Set. I panicked since I haven't actually done much revision so far, I kept on putting my reference books aside.

Told myself I should be fine, despite being brain-dormant for almost a year. I would just cocked-up some long winded stories so they would forget to throw technical questions at me. Sounds good. Ahaha...

I got a day for preparation, including my file and my attire. Neat cloth, washed hair, simple make-up, a dash of perfume, high heel waiting by the door, yada yada.. and yet I felt incomplete without my necklace. Then I remembered Marion's necklace and Cross pendant which was a gift set given by her daddy.

Hmm.. maybe.. maybe my necklace was meant to be broken. Maybe I was meant to wear Marion's necklace for the interview. Put it on, I felt complete, I kissed the Cross and went off with butterflies in my tummy.

Almost 1 hour into the interview, my interviewers who are the directors of the company, went out, I guess for some deliberation. 5 minutes later, one went back in and told me, "Ok, we can match your expected salary, although it's a bit high yada yada (that's a BS, I know). Pls wait for 5 minutes, we are printing your appointment letter."

My mouth dropped. I could only said, "Uh? That was fast". Never in my entire working life. Ahaha. Marion's pendant must have been the good luck charm ...

Happy..... :D


  1. Congratulations!!! :-) the pendant isnt the charm, you and your charming self is. God is smiling down at you with favors now. See? Im sooo glad for you.

  2. Congrats!!!! You know, while reading this post, we have one thing in common (I guess)... I will feel something missing when I lost or not wearing my necklace...

    It's like, whenever I'm worried or angry or sad.. I will kiss and maybe bite hard the pendant to ease whatever pain I'm having...


  3. dayung : thanks!! I am carrying God with me, isn't it obvious? :D

    amiey : when i was younger, whenever i was agitated, i would do just like you, biting on my pendant. i stopped that habit when i start wearing Cross pendant hehe..