Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 34-4 days to go for My Last Day

I am into my 34th week now, another 2 days into my 35th week.

Looking back into my pregnancy journey, it's unbelieveable that I have achieved this stage where at one time I thought I could not make it. Now my journey into my first pregnancy has almost come to an end, 5 more weeks to go yihiii!! Baby kicking and squirming is getting more pronounced, i can feel tiny fingers and hand at my lower abdomen scrapping around. once in a while i can feel the bum-bum. when the baby stretched too much, i got a little bit uncomfortable, almost puke sometimes. had to rub the part to encourage the baby to be in original position. My movement getting slower, of course since I am lugging additional 20+kg around with me.

So far I can still sleep soundly. The only challenge is to find a comfortable position. Once I found it, I could breath easier, my back relaxed and went straight into lala land. When i wake up in the morning, the joint on my fingers became stiff and hurts like hell. I have to massage it so I could grab and remove the pillows which I arranged surrounding me the night before.

Looking at my growing belly, it never failed to amaze me that a human skin can stretch to that extend. I was browsing thru some of my photo 'masa bujang dulu2', including my pre-wedding photos, oh how i miss that moment, now I could appreaciate how slim I was eventhough at the particular time the photo was taken, I never like what I saw.

4 more working days to go, and that would also means I will not have any more laptop to use. Have to depend on Momo's laptop at night to be online from then onwards. My last prenatal check-up with Dr Delaila at SDMC will be this coming Friday. Momo's family is making their 1 week trip to KL for the last time this year, arriving Friday night.

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