Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 32 - Getting Heavier Everyday

Sorry friends i was away from my blog for quite sometimes. has been banned from my office line, eventhough i can still read blogs. whenever i'm home, im just too tired to switch on my laptop. Not that I'm overload with works, rather I am quite free. Now my pregnancy has reached Week 32, plus minus another 8 weeks to meet our new family member, and my weight was 77.4kg last week, an addition of 3.4kg in 2 weeks time eeekksss!! The baby is already 1.8kg, and doc confirmed that our weights are just nice. Many people had already noticed the swelling on my feets, and my soles feels as if having a thick padding. Going around especially shopping is quite a challenge now cos I get tired very easily.

We are almost done with baby stuff's shopping. I'm holding my decision to buy feeding bottles, as I planned to breastfeed exclusively for the first few months. I hope that everyone will support and understand my decision without doubt as it is very important for me.

Now I have to start thinking about my confinement stuffs. Baby stuffs may be quite an easy stuffs to handle, but I have almost zero knowledge on confinement. My mother was even furious when I asked so many questions that she could not answer, including "if I cannot touch cold water, then how am I going to brush my teeth? shud i use hot water?" haha..

Tomorrow is Hari Raya. I had planned to bake Layer cake for my neighbor once I got back from work today, but castor sugar was none to found from 4 shops that I went to, including Jusco hypermarket! shessh! Maybe everyone is making layer cake kot? I finally found it on the 5th shop I went to, but when I reached home and start to open the cookbook, I realised I had missed one crucial ingredient one way or another from different recipes. Maybe it's not my neighbor's fate to get any..

Oh ya, my parents were around for a week during Indepence Day holiday. We went to Malacca and stayed for one night in town, and another 1 night in Tanjung Kling. Happy to be able to bring my parents to see A Famosa, but our trips were not that fulfilling since I felt quite unenergetic most of the time. I hope I can blog about it soon.

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