Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Baby Toys

Feel so happy my brand new toy is here. Bought it from an online store selling babycare stuff at, and it took only 2 days to reach me.

It's Little Bean Bottle Sterilizer & Warmer Combo Pack!

Isn't it cute? Even Momo got so excited only by looking at the packaging :D

I was hesitating at first to buy anything to do with feeding bottles as I wanted to encourage, or more like forcing myself to breastfeed and not be tempted to give baby formula milk since I have the bottles. I can imagine how easy it is to give in to temptation. But I have made further research regarding breastfeeding, and it turned out that I can still give my baby the nutricious breast milk eventhough I am not around by keeping storage hehe.. This would be especially useful when I start to go back to work later on. yea.. feel so jakun, only by being a mother-to-be one can start to be aware with this kind of thing hehe..

I have bought this brand since it stated that it can fit most wide neck bottles and it was the cheapest combo pack available. Checked on other people review (after I bought it) on the same product seems to be quite encouraging too pheww.

My next hunt would be good feeding bottles and breast pump. Cost of course is a concern to me, and I hope I can manage to make good decision based on reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness for my purchase.


  1. Ini bukan toy ni, ini dah essential.

  2. LOL.. So this is what the ladies call as toys.. If you are a man, you'd be calling camera's, and gundam figures ur toys. :P

  3. lvy: mak aku nampak mesti geleng palak :D

    cyrildason: see how different women can be? we are always the practical and sensible one :p

  4. oooh bottle feeders! baby toys! baby clothes! oh man... got me excited already reading this!

    p/s: Dayung, please relink. :-)

  5. wait until i get the ring on my eyes from the sleepless night haha..

    p/s ur link dont have feed, i cant see ur update in my list.

  6. how to have feed? i tot ada leh? lemme check back my setting... aiyoh...