Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 33 - Growth Spurt

Had my 33th week check-up last Friday, and we were in for a big surprise! 2 weeks ago, our stats were the following;

3rd Sept 2010:
Mummy : 77.4kg
Baby : 1.8kg

the latest;

17th Sept 2010:
Mummy : 80.6kg (total increase of 3.2kg)
Baby : 2.7kg! (increase of 0.9kg)

and I still have about 6 weeks to go! My goodness.. Not just the nurse, even the doctor mistakenly thought I was about 36 weeks along by looking at my tummy before them looking at my actual record. Now I am a bit scared of how big the baby will be by the time Im about to deliver. I have rooted for normal delivery from the very beginning since I want to witness my child's entrance into this world myself. But as long as me and baby is healthy and safe at the end of the day, I will prepared myself for a plan B if necessary.

After my check-up, since I took one day leave that day, me and Momo made our way to Genting Highland for 1 night stay for my last vacation before my delivery, and certainly the last vacation between the two of us alone. Well, to think of it, we were never twosome anyway, the baby is with us :-)

I do not really want to show my pregnant photo actually because I look so ugly and fattt but bwahahaha what the heck! Here you go!

And this is the only photo that shown my tummy the smallest, and I won't show the rest :p


  1. comel..mun nampak perut lagi comel :)

  2. U look gorgeous mommy! :-) u positively glow, and im sure it isnt the backlight! *hugs* last i saw u, u were so slim and thin. Now, voila!!

    Anyway, pray hard and keep the faith. u wont go thru plan B if u can help it. All the best! *kelak-kelak ku visit ko, ko mesti dah slim balit nak...*

  3. lvy : nampak shape cukup ler.. malu ler tunjuk stretch mark :p

    coffee girl : uhuhu... i don't feel that at all.. yala.. wish can shed off the kilos as soon as possible masa confinement kelak..