Friday, March 11, 2011

Parenting's Bible

Being a new parent, do you ever wish that there is a book that can tell you everything about babies and parenting and answer your doubts and question without waking up your own parents in the middle of the night, or calling the emergency room?

Well, this book almost give you all that. The reason why this book is more special than any other book available is that, it's written by Asian and it is specifically written for Asian parents.

I received this book as a gift from my mother-in-law when I was warded at SDMC during my morning sickness period. It stayed unwrap for the next 3 months. I only opened the plastic packaging when I was 3 days away from my trip back home to deliver, and boy I was hooked!

I really recommend this book to anyone especially new parents as it answered almost 90% of my questions and doubts, that my own parents couldn't. It deals with lots of asian parenting practices and converge it with the opinions of pediatrician and healthcare practices. It was written in a very straightforward manner, points by points facts and easy to understand. This book also has helped me to educate people around me too with old parenting myth e.g. baby crying during cleaning of their umbilical cord with alcohol not because it sting or painful, but because alcohol is a bit cold when it touched their skin.

This book also deals with parenting issue for newborn baby up to 12mth old toddler, so by reading this book, you will know what to expect when they grow up. I always put this book within my view so I can grab and read it whenever it's convenient or when I need a fast reference. It is faster than switching on your laptop and googling for information.

The price is RM39.90 only and available at major bookstore and online shops. This book is also can be a great gift for new parents to be!

The backcover description can be found here.

Extra note : This is a free personal review.

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