Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Babywearing-Baby Ring Sling

As a new parents, me and Momo were very inexperienced in terms of how to be mobile with a baby in tow. We did not know in the beginning what was the best method, their pros and the cons. So what we did was watching how other parents do it and do a trial-and-error. We have 2 sets of stroller (1 in Kuching, 1 in KL), 1 baby carrier (for Momo), 1 baby car seat cum carrier, 1 cheap sling and 1 sling ring! After trial and error for 3 months and literally bleeds money, we finally settled on the method that suited us three the most, which is Baby Ring Sling.

Our first try-Marion at 2.5mths

I am quite familiar with the using of baby sling, since as long as I can remember. When I was little and already know how to play-acting, we couldn't afford to buy any dolls to play with, so we formed a doll by rolling up a towel and pretend to take care of a baby and carried it with a sling made of kain batik, as how the orang kampung normally do it. That is how I had practiced, so when I use this sling, it came naturally to me.

Before settling on this method, we have tried going around with the stroller, but it was kinda heavy (to me), troublesome to unload from the car, difficult to maneuver, taking up space especially at the aisle, and we have to find lifts instead of using the escalator for safety reason. End up, most of the time one of us held Marion and the other push the empty stroller duh.. Using the shoulder strap baby carrier was also troublesome, as I will explain in detail in another post on "How To Choose Baby Transport" next.

One day when we were in SDMC, we saw a Chinese mother pushing her daughter in a buggy, and have a younger son in a baby sling, and I immediately pointed it out to Momo. I had been wanting to get one for myself but I know it is not cheap and Momo is doubtful to spend for yet another stuff that we are not really satisfied with. Just a week before, I had tried make a home-made sling as how I use to do it with kain sarong, and Marion fall asleep in it within few minutes, so I was sure she would be able to accept it too.


When Momo saw how convenient and easy it was for the mother as she was not with her husband or a maid to help her, he gave me the green light to go ahead and buy it.


So this is the baby sling that I bought. Mine is Mamapatch Baby Sling Ring-Auburn Rose Petal with linen. Honestly, this is so far the most expensive local brand in the market. I was in a hurry to buy it at that time, and I still feel a bit sorry that I didn't wait and look out for a better option. Luckily you can avoid the same mistake by learning from me :(

I did not understand the terms babywearing at first, but when I saw this photo taken by Momo, then I realized how the terms babywearing came up...

My best and priceless accessory, my baby!


  1. Wow... they actually commercialised that dayak-style baby-carrying-technique? i didnt know that. haha. Wow... amazed. i never even knew that thing existed in the market. the shoulder carrier and strap thingy i know la.

  2. yup..I have that too, a sarung sling and a ring sling. Tp sik dapat pake lamak, when the baby gets heavier, I'm back to stroller again, sakit pinggang n belakang mok mbak lama2.

  3. coffee girl: no lar.. not dayak style.. it's more like asian style, ngamok org dr Seberang kelak hehe.. once u become mommy u can't help to know all this thing.

    lyv : so far 6kg masih sedap agik ngembak. coba ngmbak emmet di blakang gak? piggy-back.. that's the better position for toddler..

  4. Kai sabuok. =P

    Tui doi ngabang kati.. Cute baby you have there. Congrats!!

  5. like daughter like mummyyy hehehehe....

  6. aaaaaaaa.. kiut!!!! boleh aku carry nya mun one day ada tjumpa? ambik berkat.. kehkehkeh.. ;)

  7. debdesq : aaaaa!! yeay! jom polah baby ramai2 hihih! ko merik berkat ngan aku juak

  8. Its good as you can do your work and be with your babe.Baby Sling is of a great use to all mom's.