Monday, March 14, 2011

Does He Worth My Cent?

Oh yeah .. Definitely.

Before I got lazy, I better update my blog with 'post-mortem' of my first Michael Bublé’s concert. I am a big fan of Michael Bublé. My wedding song theme was his rendition of ‘Quando Quando Quando’, just to let you know how much I adore him :D

After dropping Marion at her Inik’s (Momo’s aunty) in Bukit Jalil at 7.45pm yesterday, we drove as fast as we could to catch Michael Bublé entrance at 8.30pm, but we were stuck at the Melawati Stadium parking lot due to the jam at the parking and miss half an hour of his performance.

The first thought came to me when we were ushered to our seat and immediately saw him on the big LCD screen at the left side of the stage was,

“Oh. Wow. He looks chubby…”

Watching him singing life is just like listening to him in records, no flaw at all, including the 13pcs musical instruments that accompanying him. It was really a world-class performance and it worth my every single cent. He is not just a really good singer, but excellent performer and entertainer as well. The audience laugh, sang and dance with him. Eventhough review saying that most of his fans are women, but last night I heard more men’s voices singing along with him, especially when songs like Save The Last Dance for Me, Me & Mrs Jones including Everything came up.

I was wondering whether he would belt out my favorite which is Quando3x, but I was a bit disappointed it did not come out. Of course, he would have to sing with someone, a local would be easier bet such as Sheila Majid or Ning Baizura. Oh that would be nice.

Those funny moments were when he tricked the audience believing that one of his musician was a Malaysian, and his impersonation of Michael Jackson with his famous moon-walk, only that he cheated by walking backward through a slippery and slanting stage. That was hilarious, coming from him.

There were lots of memorable moments last night, and those worth to mention is when he sang “Home”, he left the front stage and went near the back console to be nearer to the audience who were seated higher up. The stadium was totally black-out and the spotlight shone only to him who were literally centre-staged, and it was a heartwarming moment to watch him sang in such a beautiful voice.

Nearing the end when he sang Me and Mrs Jones, I managed to look around and saw many couples of all ages lovingly hold or hug their partners, sang or swayed to the music. It was definitely a sight to behold… there were so much love around.. that was how powerful his music can be. It can evoke emotions in human.

His final song, I don’t know what it was, but as a closure he sang it MINUS the microphone and the music. The stadium was totally quiet and you could hear a pin drop. He was singing at the top of his lung, and yet despite the huge stadium, we could still hear him loud and clear. The audience cheered and gave him a standing ovation for his powerful vocal, and that sealed my belief that he is actually one of the centuries’ legend in music world.

It was a memorable and great performance overall, we went home happy but wanting more, and crooning his songs on our way home. Although the tickets are definitely not cheap (ranging from RM250-RM1098), the organizer was targeting the right kind of audience and it was a sold-out anyway. The location chosen was great, the sound system were flawless, the event was very organized, and the audience, despite being modest and orderly, were very ‘sporting’ and wonderful.

Oh. The show last night was a blue-themed. Me and Momo, including Marion eventhough she did not came with us, were being such a sport and wore blue too :D


  1. You're a gorgeous yummy mummy! Motherhood totally becomes you! And Marion is sooo chubby now! Adoh... tsk tsk tsk.

    You went to Bubble's concert?? wow... if the Eagles were to come here for a reunion concert, i wont mind spending thousands just to get a good seat. sigh... alas....

  2. Ooo thank you dayung! don't be deceive, that is just one night thing. most nights and days i was in my pyjamas since i'm not going anywhere.

    urggh the Eagle is so old la :p I used to root for Scorpion concert, but i pass that stage oredi. Now the only concert that would worth my thousands would be Bon Jovi concert. If they ever do hv the urge to do concert somewhere in Singapore or Thailand, me and Momo will definitely go. That is once in a lifetime thing, some more they are almost 'season' oredi.

  3. Eagle is like a time-piece... they never age. hahaha. i love them no matter what. its not about looks, its abt the songs and the way they carry them. Nobody can perform live quite like the Eagles. ever... hahaha

  4. OHHHH i went too...he was super duper awesome with his showmanship and performance. I did a review and there was some video that i took of that awesome night