Monday, March 9, 2015

Opening Post for 2015

Phew.. there is not a single post for 2014. What had happened?

A lot. But nothing can beat the passing of someone that is so so dear to me. I have dreaded that day all my life, and I could not imagine how I would be able to handle the loss when the day finally come. It has been more than 6 mths since my late mom's passing now and my tears still flow freely whenever I think of her..may her soul rest in peace.. Amen.

We are still currently living in Miri city. I still love the city as how I felt when I first reached here. Its a perfect little city which is alive in its own definition. There are more development coming up right now, and I do not mind to settle down and make Miri city my permanent home.

My girls, Marion and Marilyn are doing well. Marion is attending a nearby half-day kindy starting January this year. I was caught by surprised at first by how much homework she had to do (at 5 year old!) I would hv prefer if she brought home little artsy projects and showing off her coloring, but she has been doing writing, reading and counting work which is equivalent to Primary 2 during my time. This was not what i sign-up for in the beginning, but I would hate to change kindy now and disrupt her lesson when she is already settling down and get to know many friends. To my relief, Marion adapts well despite occasional 'i don't wanna go schooool' mantra in the morning, and brought less work home as she could finished it in school.. good for mummy, less stress in helping her to do homework...haha.

As for the younger 'un, she is getting tougher to handle sometimes. She is yet to be able to express herself as she is still building up her vocabulary, and resort to throwing tantrums when she couldn't have what she wants. She is very active and strong and becoming more friendly to strangers.

As for myself, I have changed job (again) and this time I have made a career change. I join an oil and gas (o&g) firm in June. Without any o&g background I find it a struggle at first, but luckily I have an understanding team and I was allowed my own pace to grab as much knowledge as I can, and every day is a learning process. I don't know how long I am gonna last here as I am trying to work and earn and will stop when I could not focus on both my family and works anymore. As of know, there were days that I want to give up especially when they both fell sick and my hub  was not around to help as he is thousand miles away from us. I told myself to be strong and reminded myself that there are many single mothers out there who were wt more kids than I have and they have no other way but to go through right ahead. My hub is symphatetic and his frequent video calls help to ease the overwhelming feeling I had.

Well i thought I lost my Blogoblabbering talent, somehow I still have it in me hehe. Too bad both my blogs, especially Sarawak Ethnic Cuisine are in deplorable state right now, I just couldnt steal a time to update it due to the amount of work I put in each post that I created there, and for nothing at the end of the day. .. No... i take that back. That is one of my mom's legacy in the form of food that she cooked for us when growing up. I'll cherish it forever, and everytime I savor the dishes she did well, I know it will remind me of her and all the fond memories that we shared.


  1. I miss your updates dayung. I kinda miss a lot of my blog friends as they start to disappear one by one... due to Instagram lah, work lah, etc. I cant say im not the same because I am. Lol. Blogging used to be fun! As for your ethnic food blog, believe it or not, it has helped me sometimes, to prepare some of the ethnic food I love too (but didn't know how to do). So I say... Keep blogging girl! All the best in ur current job. =)

    1. Oh great, i thot no one came to my blog anymore hehe.. true, it used to be fun blogging kan yung... i pun jarang read anyone's blog nowadays cos dun hv that much time anymore huhu.. congrats for ur little bundle, i know u all gonna hv so much fun.. bring her travelling around as soon as u can, once ur used to it its gonna be very interesting