Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miri Crocodile Farm

Miri Crocodile Farm is located along Miri-Kuala Baram road. You would not be able to miss the signboard along the little 'highway' as there are not much to see along that stretch.

Entrance fee is rm18 for adult, rm9 for children and Senior Citizen, and free for toddlers.

I personally thought the crocodile farm, or mini zoo is pretty lame, but my kids truly enjoyed themselves so I am a happy mommy for the day too. They really got the kick of feeding the grass to the lamb (roll eyes).. we literally had to dragged them away from the pen so we can see other animals. Besides housing the crocs, they have many other (lame haha) animals like monkey, goat, birds, albino phyton etc but its a great chance for my girls as they have only seen these animals in Zoomoo channel. So try lower down ur expectation, keep in mind that this farm aka mini zoo is meant to entertain city kids (:p) and it is still pretty worth ur money..

A peacock (kasawari)

Marilyn trying to feed the goat wt dry leaves

Near the entrance

Pony ride-RM10

My dad, the Crocodile Hunter

the sun bear

Doe a deer, a female deer....

Sleepy parrot

Sleepy croc. This one damn huge

Lamb feeding, one of their favorite

A pair of iguana

Marion said this is skunk. Im not sure what

a school of horses

Dairy cows... haha

An emu


  1. Hi.
    This is new to me. I only know Jong Crocodile Farm in Kuching.

    Usually we go to this kind of place because of our kids.

    Have a nice day yeah?

    1. Hi Willie, long time no hear from u and the usual gang, hope ur families are great