Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lambir National Park, Miri

Our trip to Lambir National Park, Miri was on 1 September, 2013.

We passed by this national park few times before when we went to see my sister in Bintulu. This time, since we have a short holiday due to National Day, we thought why not bring the kids to experience the jungle themselves.

Marion getting all ready for a trekking

Entrance to the trail.
 There are 5 waterfalls in this National Park, but we choose the nearest and easiest as we are with kids, which is Latak Waterfall.

 The only way to bring a baby for a trekking is to babywear them. Baby stroller is pretty useless here lol!!

 I chose to hip-carry using ring sling instead of piggy back as I would not be able to see if any insects were to bite her if I do. Poor my baby!

Suspended bridge

Love the lush jungle. Easy trail for family trekkers like us

Latak Waterfall.
This waterfall is not that majestic and nobody can swim near the waterfall base as it is close to public for safety reason. Someday when we are stronger and more ready, will try to explore other waterfall locations.

Marion playing with the sands.

Marion loves playing with the (muddy) sands and got to get wet on the stream under her daddy's watchful eyes. Overall we really enjoyed the trail and Marion got excited by the sounds made by the creatures in the jungle, something that she does not get to experience often. We may even choose to come back and stay here for a night just to get away from the city.

More information on Lambir National Park :