Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update from Miri

Very long time I have not blog about anything. There are so much thing going on in my life at this moment. Before I move to Miri, I imagined that life would be less stressful, I will go through a more laidback lifestyle and even have more time to travel to places. Half true. Miri itself is a pretty laidback town, but my life in fact was not getting any of it. My new works is much more hectic than when I was in KL. I am working 5 and half days a week-every week and working late is very common. I miss my Saturday as the half days are just like any other weekdays, the only difference is I can dress down, and I can get to see my girls while the sun is still up. I truly looking forward to any public holiday eventhough its just one day cos I can get to hug, kiss and be around them. Family time become more and more precious.

Oh well, here I am. I am not complaining (well, a bit).. but it's still lovely to be on my home ground. Miri is not a big town, you can finish a whole tour in within a day. Of course, the good thing is its so convenient to go anywhere, and Miri offer almost everything that KL can offer although in smaller scale. I exaggerated a bit there, but I can have every thing that I need here, and make do with whatever that we can get.

Update about my expanding family; the daddy is 'blending' well and hard at work, busier than ever. Marion who is about to turn 3 yo next month has reached so many milestones-if only I can slow her down a bit... At almost 3, she can expressed herself quite well with such a huge vocabulary and amazing understanding of linguistic, she can read quite a number of words and numbers up to 30, she can count, sing, and most recently, write (A&B) and able to take her own potty and do her own poo-poo pee pee business without any reminder or assistance.She can become so cute and adorable, and a little monster at the turn of a switch. As for the 11month old little sister Marilyn, she has brought as much joy to us as how her big sister was to us. Bright smile, sparkly big eyes and not much fuss and so easy to look after. Although her development rate may not be as fast as Marion was, I am not as 'kan-cheong' as before because I just want her to follow her own pace.

I hope that I can update on places we went and will discover while we are still here. There are lots of places we went that we loved very much and would love to share with everyone.


  1. Finally an update!!

    Good to know you're all settling down. :)

  2. Yep, I miss my blog but nowadays I hv not much what to say. Feel rather keep things to myself...