Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please Don't Touch My Baby

Dear readers (yes the two of you..) what do you think about letting strangers playing with your baby while you were outdoor?

I personally dislike it when some strangers come up and pulled my daughter's hand and touched her cheek without even asking for permission... I am not being stuck up whatsoever, but you can't imagine what that person has touched before they touched your baby. I don't mind they playing with her or be near her, as long as there is no physical contact. So far most of the rude strangers I encountered are the middle eastern tourist, somehow my daughter has attracted their attention everywhere we go. They will just come up, raving and cooing at her, touched her hands and hair with total disregard of whether we like it or not.

I am still not sure how to prevent strangers from touching her while at the same time being tactful about it. If you have any suggestion on how to do this subtlely, let me know.


  1. yalah baby cute gilak. :-)) but when in public places, always carry her or let your partner carry her. when stranger approaches, even with good intention, just get her out of their reach slowly and gently.

  2. hmmm x pernah terpikir pula, maybe anak ku laki, so attraction kurang sikit kot :)
    On a positive note, bagus juak sak sidak expose sikit ngan gems...boleh build up the antibodies ( ada ke bende mcm tu?) huhu

  3. hah my two readers!

    coffee girl: that's what i did, but sometimes it was too brief i didn't manage to do anything

    lvy: yg peliknya, 90% of the time ppl said to her "hi cute little boy!" lol! for me, biarnya besar sikit so her immune system is better, not exposing her too early.. tapi mun kedak ya mok kluar pun susah..

  4. Ivynana: hahaha expose to germs indah... but sounds logic. make sure ada bawa baby sanitizer sekali.

  5. hi Nimi, i have been ur silent reader for quite sometime.i even link ur blog in one of my post.
    saya pun x suka org xdikenali asyik pegang2 anak kita kan...
    haish, my baby slalu attract attention minah2 indon..
    i dun like it when ada strangers touch his cheek, usap2 rambut..usually i akan senyum tp dalm hati mmg xsuka la..

    to avoid this, i always wearing my baby.letak dlm stroller pun kadang2 org sentuh2 juga

  6. oh hi athidean, that's nice to hear! I thought nobody else read my blog hahaha!

    Well that's a good one, babywearing! Nowadays I jarang bawak my baby sling cos I bought the wrong material, so baby mcm tak selesa sbb panas. But once you are babywearing mmg org kurang berani sentuh baby (walaupun ada jugak terjadi).. but now I think I will do the babywearing again. thanks dear!

  7. betul2, mmg ada jugak org sentuh baby yg dalam carrier tp kurang la, plus i can always peluk him near to my chest.
    u pakai sling is it? i tak pandai pakai sling.teringin jugak mok try tapi sik sempat lagik.mung kitak mok try buckle tai, kitak boleh tengok contoh buckle tai kamek.:P

    i used to live a year in tau sikit2 bhs sarawak

  8. i think you can't do much about it... fact is your baby is cute right?

    for my case, it happens also...what we can do is probably have a baby wipe with us...and maybe quickly wipe the baby's body/hands or face after strangers touched them... ;)

    usually not much big issue i guess... i mean so far... what type of disease or bacteria you think can transmit by just touching the skin and cause issue? it is still a risk..but i think is a low risk....

    you can't really stop or predict people will touch your baby sometimes... so it happens...

  9. Not a parent here, so I can't give any advice. However I do agree that its absolutely wrong to touch another persons baby without permission.

  10. kevin : hopefully by just bringing this up, maybe next time a stranger will know what not to do.. i am very sure there are other parents out there who don't like it either, but we are all just too nice to show our dissapproval. it's not just unhygienic, but inappropriate i guess. just imagine if it's not a baby but it's ur wife that the stranger is touching, of cos we don't like it also, right right? :D another reader just gave me a good suggestion how to reduce the incidence, and that's all i'm asking for :)

    cyril : thanks dude!

  11. Please, stop!!!! I am sorry, but I don't want any one touching her who we don't know or who has not hand sanitized first! Thank you for understanding!! She does love smiles though!!

    Have a great day!! One stuck up Mom to another!!

    Good Luck!

  12. you think? LOL!!!

    any way i put it, I will still sounds stuck up though. I am only just a mother who were overly concerns! who wouldn't if one have seen their own 4-mth old being pricked and put on drip because she fall sick so badly..