Friday, September 30, 2011

Lone Exodus

Watching my daughter, Marion, waving her hand while saying 'baa baai' at the cartoon character in the tv just a moment ago. I still couldn't accept the fact that she doesn't need me to carry her around tightly in my arms anymore... my little baby is a big girl already.. am dreading the day that I have to stop her from going out dating with a guy when we're she's not ready.

Well, about the good news. Heh. It is still a good news, but it has a bit of a twist to it. Okay, I got a new job actually. The day that I resign after I could not cope with the mountain of workload, another company was trying to reach me via email and phone but to no avail. I was truly busy I did not have time at all to open up my personal email, and my phone was on silent mode on that very day. I saw a few missed call from the same number, I tried to call back but it was a hunting line. Had discussion with my boss regarding my workload and proposed some solution, and let me think about it over the weekend.

The next Monday at 9am, I finally picked up the call. I could not hear clearly the first time and I thought it was another ambitious tele-marketer, but when she mentioned, "bla bla job offer... would you like to join us?", I sat up on my chair and asked her to repeat from where she is calling.

It was actually the company that I had went for an interview, just a few days after I went for an interview with the current (former now) company. I was not really sure I would be able to secure that job, but at the same time I know their hiring process will take longer so in the meantime I'll take whatever comes my way. At least if I did not get it, I already have a job in hand.

To cut it short, I did secure the job with the company, but it was NOT the one I applied for (oh ow..) I only figure it out after I went to take the offer letter.

At the moment since I had only a two weeks notice, my last day was last week's Friday. I am supposed to start on the 3rd October, but have to join another intake's batch cos I have already registered for an induction course conducted by ACEM which I do not want to miss.

Ok will update again soon as I needed to answer my daughter's nature call.


  1. Aih potong stim eh! cita gik cepat... so u mean u have 2 jobs now and will leave one for the other soon? in the short month that youve gotten back to work? oh wow... thats awesome news right?

  2. dayung, my last day at the first company mentioned, was on 23rd Sept. So now I am waiting for the day on 17OCt to report duty at the second company.. what to do dayung, I did not plan to stay long in the first company anyway, cos location-wise pun it's a bit far and badly jam, plus the workload is crayyyzie! just some security for me while waiting for the second company offer, at least I earn something for the 2 months of waiting..

    lvynana : thank you yung. arap kali tih dapod bonar2 tuui and dapod enjoy kroja kuk..

  3. Oh then that must be grand indeed. See? it all worked out ok right? boo to those who nganok u macam2.

  4. dayung : it is quite grand, but this time around i just hope with this kind of big company, the office politics is not too bad, susah la mao concentrate kerja like that

    Tia : thank you my dear!