Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That's It

My intuition has been right all along. When I came back from the holiday, I have noticed a slight changes in attitude and cold shoulder my boss had given to me.

The last straw was this morning. What happened was, last Monday I had met with an accident on my way back home, and as the accidednt was bad enough, I have went to hospital the first thing when insisted by Momo, and subsequently made a police report. Only by 11pm we managed to leave the police station compound. Before going to the hospital, I have made a call to my boss who where waiting for us yesterday in Kulim that I may not be able to join them. Without asking how bad the accident and how I was doing, he coldly said that he did not asked me to drive but I'll be following my colleagues. He was implying that it was not an excuse, that I could make arrangement to go for the meeting, which was in the afternoon.

Well, I am not in a way asking for symphaty from him. I know how important is the meeting for our organisation, and understand why he wanted me to be involved as a key person in the team. But call it bad luck. The accident was never my intention. He did not understand why I had to make the hospital visit and why I could not make the police report and the insurance claim on the same night. But as much as he think that I am exaggerating the situation and I did not put the right priority, I rather loose the job than loosing the baby. He did not know that I have to send my car to our own workshop and the insurance claim had to be done the next day since it was already 11pm (eventhough he himself aware that the time frame for the claim is 24hours). I'm suspecting that he had expected that my husband could have taken care of the problem for me, but did not remember that I had to be there to sign the claim form myself, and why should I dragged my husband into the picture? Why was he supposed to sacrifice his time away from his job at our company's expense?

So this morning, I quietly told him that there is another trip to go to Batu Pahat tomorow. He does not seems to care when I told him I do not have a car to go (the truth was Momo's car was not in a good condition to travel long distance, and again I think that it should not be at his expense too), but he just want to know that things are settled without him having to give any solution. I was so sad that since previously we have discussed that due to my pregnancy also I am not fit to travel long distance by myself, he does not seems to bother assigning anybody else to go.

So, I called Momo, and told him, I could not take it anymore. I gave my resignation letter, and had a heated discussion with my boss. And to my surprise, he had thought about it since the day that I left for the long sick leave, that I actually could not cope, it made me fall sick due to the stress and felt that I am trying to 'run away' from problems. It made me sad that he did not realized the extend of my situation at all, that it even crossed my mind many times to end my pregnancy because I was never that sick in my whole life. When he kept telling me that never to think he does not understand my situation because he himself has 5 kids and gone through all that, I decided that the discussion will not benefit anybody. Anyway, since he is more or less accepted my resignation, I waste no more time and mentioned about the notice period and my intention to deliver in Kuching, which falls within my notice period.

So folks, I'll be soon out of job. I am not that happy to leave, but again I do not feel comfortable any longer. I know that based on my annual bonus, they appreciate my contribution to the company very much. But when I fall sick, this is what had happened to me.. true what people said.. never fall in love with a company, because the company will not love you back if anything happened to you..


  1. eee...geram na ku nengar kisah boss ko ya, mun aku nang dah lamak ku tinggalkan nya. Apa ingat org macam kita tok sik dapat survive tanpa orang macam nya ka! Rehat jak ko dolok...lekak bersalin kelak baru ko pikir next step auk, kesian si kecil...

  2. You know i've always loved this verse from the bible,,,,,,,,'good thing shall come to those who wait"

    sincerely i wish you all the best, i know sometimes life is unkind but then again we can be it better with the strength from God... be strong ya.

    let us know the updates ok,, take care now say hi to momo for me,,,,

  3. you can find other jobs hon, but you cant replace a life. Thank God you resigned. buduh bos ya, sik paham. exsyen jak madah paham, maka anak dah 5 org, wanita tok lain2. ney da sama. it's a matter of life and death! buduh juak. But i support u all the way dayung. Look on the bright side, im sure now that uve resigned, ur better off and u dont have to worry about jaga perasaan bos u. Besides, being a mommy for a first time, who can top that experience?

  4. I think u better early rest...sure u can get another job after pregnancy..."money u can get anytime"...but the baby???...pls think in deep....

    Some more..don't only think the babby come out safely...but have to consider safely + completely (i think u got my point)

    i think u husband salary still can cover ur expenses...don't worry....GBU

  5. that's the problem when our work environment is dominated by male. the pressure to prove ourselves is so great, because when this kind of thing happens, there will be lack of understanding. i don't regret my decision at all, I can feel God's protective hands surrounding us... now i just concentrate on the baby, myself and hubby, putting my energy on thinking about them only :)